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Tony Khan Comments On Possible Return of Jeff Hardy At AEW

AEW Revolution is becoming the talk of the town. Many wrestling fans and viewers are already talking about it. Tony Khan is upbeat about bringing some new talent on board. He is also impressed with the top wrestling stars and hopes they can give their best to AEW. Recently Tony talked about the possible return of Jeff Hardy at AEW. According to the recent reports Jeff Hardy claimed he will be back at AEW. Wrestling lovers are also taking about it on the social media. Is there any truth in this story? Let’s talk about in detail with an interview of Tony Khan:

Will Jeff Hardy come back at AEW?


Recently Tony sat down for an interview and talked about the return of Jeff Hardy. As Jeff claims he will be back with the company let’s see what Tony has to say:

“I don’t think anybody should consider it a foregone conclusion. “I do really like Jeff a lot, I think Jeff is still obligated to another company here for at least several more days. But at some point, when Jeff is free and clear I would love to have Jeff in AEW. Jeff is a friend of mine, I really like him very much, and I think the world of him. I have a lot of respect for him as a wrestler, and he’s also a very nice person. I think he would fit in very well in AEW, and we would love to have him, potentially.”

What does Tony have to say about Cesaro?


Another top wrestler who said good bye to WWE is Cesaro. He didn’t sign up for a new contract with the company after it expired. His fans will miss his action inside the ring. However they may need to wait and see what’s next for him. In this interview Tony revealed that he loves Cesaro and will not mind signing up with him for future projects.

“I do like him a lot. And I have to say, I met him many years ago, and he’s a real gentleman, Claudio. I have a ton of respect for him as a pro wrestler, I think he’s a great athlete. He’s a phenomenal, phenomenal athlete, let’s be honest,” Tony reveals.

“His strength is tip top, he has very few peers in the power department. Also, mentally, he puts great matches together, he’s got great psychology and just a great guy. So, yeah, I mean, that’s always something I would be open to.”

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Tony Khan’s massive announcement on AEW Dynamite

During the past few weeks Tony Khan and various AEW stars are planning for something. They all hyped up a ‘massive announcement to be revealed at the AEW Dynamite. If this isn’t enough Tony will himself appear inside the ring to make this moment even more special. The major announcement is that Tony himself has signed up for the deal for something special. He will become the official owner of ‘Ring of honor.’

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