For Alt-Chancellor and former Federal President, is intended to apply to a media report, according to new financial rules. The “image”newspaper (Thursday) reported, based on a decision of the budget Committee of the Bundestag.

Therefore, would have to be credited with the additional income of the former Federal President, the honorary payment. The Bundestag must choose in addition, the office of the Old Chancellor and Ex-Federal President, so that no extremely high rent costs. The maximum staffing will be determined: one office Manager, two speakers, a typist and a driver.

the Background of the new rules is the criticism by the Federal court of auditors. The “image”-newspaper quotes from two reports by September 2018, according to the “life-long full equipment” of the Old German President and Ex-chancellors “limits exceeded”. When the new rules will come into force, not evident from the report.

The FDP politician Otto Fricke, a member of the budget Committee, said the “image”newspaper: “Our solution gives former presidents and chancellors a the Dignity of its life, power supply, safety and service equipment. It also ensures that no one deserves a Golden nose.”