US President Donald Trump is exposed to a growing resistance from his Republican-dominated Senate.

The Congress chamber voted by a majority for a Resolution, with the help of the U.S. aid to Saudi Arabia led and highly controversial military operation in Yemen to stop. Seven Republican senators voted together with the Democrats and have obtained the required majority. A vote of the house of representatives is still out, and Trump could appeal to an approval of both chambers, vetoed the Resolution. But politically, this is a clear Signal to the Senate against Trumps rate against Saudi Arabia.

In Yemen, Houthi rebels have been fighting for more than four years against the supporters of the internationally recognized government. Their troops are supported by one of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition air attacks. The Sunni neighboring country of Saudi Arabia sees in the rebels, a close ally of his arch-enemy, Shiite Iran. Saudi Arabia is accused, in the military respect of the protection of civilians in attacks, enough to take. The United States will assist the coalition with intelligence information for the identification of target data.

According to the will of the Senate, this US-commitment. The chamber had adopted such a Resolution back in December. The legislature then passed, without the house of representatives voted about it – so now is another start-up.

the Background of the Yemen-vote is a controversy about the attitude of the USA towards Saudi Arabia. Specifically, there is great discontent in the US Congress – even in the ranks of Trumps Republicans – about the approach of the Trump Administration in the case of the killed Saudi journalist and regime critic Jamal Khashoggi. There is evidence that the highest circles of Saudi Arabia to crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman might have led to the murder of the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul in the past year, or at least it did. Trump and his government had made in the debate, but clearly behind the Saudi leadership and the heir to the throne – what is met with criticism and incomprehension.

resistance to Trumps course there are in the US Congress, also in a other topic, the Trump proclaimed a National state of emergency on the border to Mexico. In the Senate, a majority vote against the actions of the President suggests here. Presumably, the chamber will vote this Thursday.

Trump had declared in mid-February a National emergency, without parliamentary approval, a wall on the border to Mexico to Finance. The Congress had not approved the required sum. With the help of the state of emergency Declaration Trump wants to raise the additional billion from other Sources. His action is legal but very controversial.

The Democrats had introduced a Resolution in the of them dominated by the house of representatives to end the state of emergency. They argue, Trump hebele the separation of powers. The vote in the chamber of more than a dozen Republican members supported the thrust of the Democrats. Also in the Senate, a majority in favour of the Resolution indicates, after several Republican senators have signaled their support for it.

could insert also in this case, Trump his Veto against the Resolution – what he has already announced in advance. And to override this Veto, would be in both Congress chambers by a two-thirds majority is necessary. Which is currently not in sight.

Trump is in the world outside, but is already very distressing that the Republika presents – controlled Senate with a vote or perhaps two votes – against his course. Trump defended the proclamation of a state of emergency on the border on Wednesday. Who voice against his course of voting against border security, said Trump, and hinted indirectly, deviants could possibly get consequences. “I think if you vote in this way, it is a very bad thing for you, far into the future,” he said, without, however, concrete.