plans of the Federal Ministry of the interior, for the deportation to accommodate prisoners in the same prisons as prisoners, encounter massive concerns.

“immigration detention and criminal detention are two different things,” stressed Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) in Germany radio. This separation must be adhered to. North Rhine-Westphalia

integration Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) pointed to Europe’s legal hurdles, but as per the special rules for offenders into the conversation. The Federal prison officials lamented that many prisons are already overcrowded today.

According to a white paper from the house of interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is to be subjected to the strict principle of Separation between Deportation and criminal prisoners in the future. Background the Lack of detention places, with the tiger diving exit paid foreigners should be prevented. The European court of justice had requested in 2014, a separate accommodation.

The Federal Ministry of the interior defended the Plan to change the law so that immigration detainees may also be used in regular prisons housed. “It is, of course, is not to lock you in the same cell or the same tract with offenders,” said state Secretary Stephan Mayer (CSU), the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Saturday). “It’s a question, in the exceptional case in the same property in a correctional facility, also deportees.”

Mayer complained that there are currently only 420 detention places in Germany. “Some States have not a single detention place. This must change.” In addition, the legal conditions for the arrangement of detention “should be loosened a little and the possibilities of exit custody to be extended”. The plans are part of the key issues paper for an “act for the better enforcement of the obligation to leave the country”.

Barley see stricter laws for the deportation of rejected asylum-seekers is critical. The biggest Problem with deportation is not, as before, that the country of origin would take the rejected asylum seekers, said the SPD politician. “The Ministry of the interior is forever in the duty to negotiate agreements and which are not creates it.” In recent years, there have been a number of legal tightening. “It is not a scheme in deficit, there is a lack of Enforcement.”

Stamp pointed to Europe’s legal requirements: “you can’t imprison without Further deportation detainees and prisoners under one roof. I can’t,” said the FDP politician in the Germany radio. There is the possibility of creating special arrangements for dangerous persons, such as offenders. This needs to be tested. But he thought nothing of it, now back to proposals in the area, which could not be implemented. Instead, the process should be speeded up and redemption to be agreed upon agreements with the countries of origin. “Here, Mr Seehofer, who has promised a lot, but still not much.”

The Federal criminal law enforcement officials warned of an Overload of the prison system. It’s money, staff, and in many Federal States, detention places were missing. Because detention to deportation should prisoners be spatially housed in separate facilities, were some of the länder in front of unsolvable problems, according to the trade Union. “The push, lack of places of detention in detention facilities against the lack of detention places in the of justice to trade law enforcement, would be an exchange between Distress and misery.”