The 2016 first only provisionally approved residency requirement for refugees to remain permanently. This was decided by the Federal Cabinet in Berlin. The Bundestag must still approve it.

The legislation provides that recognised in need of protection must remain for a period of three years in the state in which you have your asylum procedure. The countries can also make specifications to the exact place of residence. To prevent Segregation, so that members of the same nationality or language group have little contact with the Rest of society. For those with close relatives in other places of residence or work, there are exceptions.

The migration and integration policy spokeswoman for the Greens in the Bundestag, Filiz Polat, criticized the extension as a restriction of freedom of movement.

“the implementation of The residency requirement leads to a disproportionate bureaucratic burden, stigmatized refugees people and undermine the principle of free movement of people,” she said.

The Cabinet made it clear, according to the Federal Ministry of the interior, also, that people, the before the 6. August 2016 a guarantee for the livelihood of aliens have taken over for a period of three years and not longer.