The last known female Yangtze giant soft – attempt to save the rare species of animal is a turtle in a Zoo in China, died in-of all places for an Insemination. The largest freshwater turtle in the world is probably inevitable from extinction, as Chinese media reported on Monday, referring to experts.

There are now only three known specimens – a male in a Zoo in China and two in the wild in two lakes in Vietnam. Whose gender was not known and difficult to identify, it said.

turtle dies in artificial insemination

The man was the biggest enemy of more than a Meter big turtle with the trade name Rafetus swinhoei, which has a soft, leather-like carapace. The animals were hunted because the meat is considered a delicacy, was, as it was called in press reports. Also their natural habitat has been destroyed.

The more than 90-year-old Turtle died on Saturday at a Zoo in the southern Chinese city of Suzhou, after a renewed attempt had been made to fertilize the animal artificially. Apparently, there were complications, the exact cause of death is known. The animal had been directly after the procedure, in good shape, but 24 hours later, died, it was said in Chinese press reports.

The turtle was taken in 2008 from the Zoo in Changsha, in Central China, in the Suzhou Shangfangshan National Forest Park, to start a breeding program with a more than 100-year-old males. Since then, five Attempts had been made to fertilize the turtle artificially. Experts had certified that both animals in good health, before the last engagement had been made, reported to the “Suzhou Daily”.

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