The British academician, Gerard Cheshire wants to have decrypted within two weeks what the best researchers in the world for more than 100 years, unsuccessfully, to have brooded: the mysterious Voynich manuscript.

no one succeeded so far to identify the unknown font, or the language of the document. Only one thing is clear: a carbon analysis has dated the parchment of 240 pages with numerous illustrations to 1404 to 1438.

For years be preached to such breakthroughs, and most of the researchers as nonsense dismissed. The manuscript has already been decrypted as Hebrew, old Turkish, or even the Aztec language of Nahuatl. Weight got Cheshires article but because it appeared in the journal “Romance Studies”.

However, since the University of Bristol in the journal article a few days ago made known, the barrage of criticism. “Cheshire has sent his theses for some time to colleagues, and he was not taken two years of serious,” said Jürgen Hermes, a computational linguist at the University of Cologne, Germany, has treated the Voynich manuscript, 2012 in his Dissertation, the German press Agency. The romance languages Sandra Hajek of the University of Göttingen accuses him of unscientific Work.

Cheshire was a Dominican nun as a writer, I have written a reference book for Maria of Castile, Queen of Aragon, and their Royal court (1401-1458). He concludes from maps in the manuscript, on which he opened a of Maria of Castile, conducted the rescue operation after a volcanic eruption in 1444 accounted for.

It is a matter of herbal remedies, therapeutic baths, procreation and child-rearing. The television journalist Nicholas Gibbs had made in 2017, the content of similar information. He drew his conclusions from the illustrations and decipher the Latin abbreviations.

Gibbs’s findings are mere interpretations, its but not, wrote Cheshire, of the dpa via E-Mail. “It is simple: it’s not about an Interpretation. The solution needed an Alphabet, a font and a language. Now it is possible to take in every word, every formulation and every sentence and sequence to translate properly.” In addition to a Plant Cheshire as a Text about “la naza éo eme ona oma nor nais t decoded” and translated: in order for the pregnancy/the Baby creates good growth for a normal birth.

For him, the Voynich manuscript is the only known document in the language of the Proto-Romanesque, a precursor to today’s romance languages such as Spanish, French or Italian. The font to be extinct. He had deciphered the Alphabet from A to Z, also the symbols and abbreviations. To identify “the language and to solve the mystery of the Scripture, it took ingenuity and lateral thinking,” writes Cheshire.

For the renowned US-from the middle ages, researcher Lisa Fagin Davis, the Cheshire-theory “nonsense”: “Sorry people, Proto-Romanesque, there is not”, tweeted you. Hayek says, the oldest in the romance languages, the surviving texts originated from the 9. and 10. Century. “You do not show any Similarity with the language of the Cheshire reconstructed text.” It is almost impossible that a kind of Proto-Romanesque up to 15. Century get have.

It also be the transcription of a natural language, says Hermes. “Natural languages exhibit a pattern, for example, in which the distribution of letters, letter combinations or words occur. These patterns are the same in all known natural languages are relatively similar. The Text of the Voynich manuscript differs from these but, in some cases significantly.”

The manuscript is named after the later to New York, emigrated Polish antiquarian Wilfred Voynich (1865-1930), who bought it in 1912 in Rome. It landed on his widow, finally, in the Beinecke library of Yale University in the USA.

The Yale University, warned against believing information such as the Cheshire unaudited, and even the University of Bristol made after the storm of criticism back down. You took the Text from the website, “for additional testing”, as it was called.

Hermes tends with a view on the current state of Research to this Thesis: “The manuscript is not crack, because someone has just brought something to paper, that makes no sense, maybe a Disturbed person, maybe a child or someone who sold the manuscript to tax.”