All black and about as big as a human thumb: The Wallace’s giant bee has been spotted after decades, for the first time. Researchers announced on Thursday that they had discovered specimens of the largest able to deal with the world on a remote Indonesian island. It was “just amazing”, “to actually see how nice and big this kind is to hear the sound of their huge wings,” said bee photographer Clay Bolt in a communication of the environmental organization Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC).


The Wallace’s giant bee in comparison to a honey bee

©CLAY BOLT / Global Wildlife Conservation to AFP, The researchers hope to have more tours in Indonesia

Soon it was in the 19th century. Century by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and, according to GWC last updated in 1981 seen in the wild have been discovered. Bolt was now a hive of bees on an island in the Northern Moluccas. “My dream now is to make this bee a Symbol of environmental protection in this part of Indonesia,” said the photographer.

climate change

This species is already extinct due to the changing climate

The bee, with the Latin name of mega Chile pluto is about four Times as large as a honey bee. Bee expert Eli Wyman of Princeton University hopes that the Fund initiates further research, “which gives us a better understanding of the life history of this very unique bee” and you are in danger of extinction protect.

On the red list of threatened species, the world conservation Union (IUCN), the giant bee as “at risk.”

source: Global Wildlife Conservation

sos / AFP

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