The volume of most of the glacier is a new study shows that less than previously assumed. The have an impact on the freshwater supply, the authors write.

If there is less melt water coming from the mountain, led the rivers, the agriculture need for irrigation, less water. The researchers, led by Daniel Nine of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology Zurich published the study in the journal “Nature Geoscience”. The data were important to the development of the climate change shrinking glaciers.

The researchers, the volume of Ice estimated of 215,000 glaciers at 158,000 cubic kilometers. The be 18 percent less than the average of previous estimates. Take into account for satellite images, outlines of glaciers, digital elevation models, as well as information about the flow behavior of glaciers. The sea ice and the associated ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica left them. About half of the remaining glaciers in the Arctic areas of North America and Russia.

the glaciers in The Himalayas and other high mountains of Asia have been estimated according to the new estimates, together only 7,000 cubic kilometers of ice, a quarter less than in the past. So that is to be feared that the glacier area will be shrunk in the 2060er – and not, as previously assumed in the 2070er years – the half of it. This has consequences for the water supply. The glaciers of high Asia food major rivers such as the Indus, the Tarim and the inflows of the Aral sea. Of hundreds of millions of people depend.


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