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United States adopted new restrictions on Cuba travel (20.28 hours), and discovered the First after the big Bang created the molecule (19 PM)in Peru Ex-President Garcia is dead (17.35)28-Year-old tour (14: 30)Lena Meyer dies in climbing-Landrut sings the praises of “Fridays for Future” (14.27 PM)custody due to because of attacks on Turkish shops (14.29 PM)

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+++ 20.28 PM: the United States adopted new restrictions on travel and money transfers to Cuba +++

The United States adopted new restrictions on travel and money transfers to Cuba announced. The National security adviser in the White house, John Bolton announced. From former President Barack Obama was to be undone led loose. Background of the step of the US government, from President Donald Trump, the third section of the so-called Helms-Burton act of 1996, which was suspended from Trumps predecessors. It enters into force – what is now – can US citizens require in the American courts because of the use of property against individuals and companies in lawsuits and compensation. After the Revolution of 1959, the possessions of a number of US were dispossessed citizens, and today’s exile-Cubans. The EU and Canada have reacted with sharp criticism. “The decision of the United States (…) is unfortunate, and is a significant impact on European and canadian participants in the Cuba,” – said in a joint statement.

+++ 19.43 PM: Israel’s President tasked Netanyahu with forming a government +++

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin has instructed the acting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the formation of the government. His Likud party had won the parliamentary election a week ago almost. Netanyahu is for ten years continuously head of government.

+++ 19.31 PM: Pope washes prisoners at the start of the Easter feet +++

celebrations For the start of the Easter festivities Pope Francis washed on Thursday several detainees to the feet. The Pontiff celebrated the Holy Thursday fair this year in the prison of Velletri, approximately 40 kilometres South-East of Rome. The Ritual of foot-washing on Maundy Thursday is based on the Tradition according to which Jesus at the last supper before his crucifixion, his apostles, washed the feet.

+++ 19 o’clock: researchers point to the first after the big Bang created the molecule in space after the +++

researchers have demonstrated the first after the big Bang, the resulting molecule. Previously, she had been looking for decades after the helium hydride ion. The evidence could help to understand the early development of the universe. The a Team led by Rolf Güsten from the Bonn Max-Planck-Institute for radio astronomy in the scientific magazine “Nature” reported. Helium hydride ion were the first molecules that formed after the big Bang, about 13.8 billion years in the universe. Although the existence of an Ion, a compound consisting of ionized hydrogen and Helium, as early as in 1925 it was shown in the laboratory, it remained in space for a long nowhere to be found. “There have been simply no appropriate detectors,” said astrophysicist Güsten. Far more than ten years had he and his colleagues conducted research to develop a high-resolution spectrometer, which can detect individual infrared radiation of the molecule in space. The molecule was found in a planetary nebula about 3,000 light-years away from earth.

+++ 18.43 at Numerous military sites chemically contaminated +++

Many properties of the German armed forces are being polluted with toxic chemicals. “According to the current state of the processing of a PFC was demonstrated on 20 properties-contamination,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal office for infrastructure, environmental protection and services of the Federal armed forces in Bonn. Previously, the Bavarian radio reported. The affected locations would be fully and possibly rehabilitated investigated, said the authorities spokesperson.

+++ 18.03 at: Youtube-rotary police to solve the use of +++

For the rotation of a Youtube video, followed by two teenagers in an Essen Kiosk a Robbery, and a major police operation is triggered. Passers-by had observed the masked and armed youths, and the officials alerted the police announced. Responsible for the shooting of a 29-year-old Youtuber was, according to police.

at gunpoint, the officers secured the Kiosk and found the alleged robber, an airsoft weapon. Nearly a dozen police vehicles blocked the area on Tuesday afternoon for a number of street cars, and pedestrian lanes. After the Arrival of the officials of the masked young people left at the age of 16 and 17 years, the Kiosk, let the weapon fall, and followed the instructions of the police. However, the 29-year-old Youtuber and another man swore at the officers according to police data.

+++17.35: party: Peru Ex-President Garcia is dead +++

The Peruvian Ex-President Alan García is dead. This is the party of the social Democrats said on Wednesday. The 69-Year-old was shot in the Morning in his house just before a planned arrest because of corruption allegations in the head.

+++ 17.28 PM: Four injured in lightning strike at the Acropolis +++

a lightning strike at the Acropolis in Athens four people were injured. The Greek Ministry of culture announced on Wednesday. According to the figures, two tourists and two employees of the archaeological site were injured. They had been taken to a nearby hospital. The Acropolis remain, for security reasons, for the Rest of the day will be closed. In the Athens city centre, it had been on Wednesday afternoon, a powerful Thunderstorm with lightning and Thunder. The Acropolis is located in the middle of the city on a hill.

+++ 17.03 PM: Pope Francis would like to thank climate activist Greta Thunberg for their commitment +++

Pope Francis has thanked the climate activist Greta Thunberg, personally, for her “commitment to the defense of the environment”. The Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said on Wednesday after a short Meeting of the two during the General audience of the Pope in the Vatican. The Holy father had encouraged the young Swede in their use, it said.

environmental activist in Rome

Greta Thunberg meets the Pope – has explained an important message for you

+++ 17.01 PM: opposition politician imamoğlu mayor of Istanbul +++

More than two weeks after the mayoral election in Istanbul, the Turkish electoral Commission, the opposition candidate Ekrem imamoğlu zin order to be declared winner. The decision on a repetition of the vote is pending. The politicians of the largest opposition party, the CHP picked up on Wednesday in Istanbul’s Palace of justice, although his certificate of appointment for the mayor’s office, as his party announced. It can be known, therefore, the mandate, however, but should give instead of the High election Commission (YSK) in the application of the ruling AKP party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and a new election to decide.

+++ 16.22 PM: the US astronaut should record stay on the ISS break +++

for almost a year continuously in All to set up the U.S. astronaut Christina cook set a record on the International space station ISS. Their current Mission about 400 kilometres above the earth is equal to several weeks up to February 2020, said the US space Agency Nasa in Houston. Cooking should be around 330 days in the All, important to continue the research. Thus, the 40-Year-old could go down in the history of space travel: No woman before her had spent a long time without interruption in the universe.

The U.S. astronaut Peggy Whitson holds 288 days the previous record for the longest space flight for women. The longest single flight in space, the Russian Valery graduated from Polyakov. He returned to 438 days on the Mir space station to earth.

+++ 16.10: Peru Ex-President Garcia concedes in the case of arrest, suicide attempt +++

The former Peruvian head of state Alan Garcia has added to his arrest due to allegations of corruption, even a gunshot wound to the head. “The Ex-President has been shot”, said his lawyer, Erasmo Reyna on Wednesday, the state news Agency Andina. The state of health garcía was “critical”, explained the Minister of health, Zulema Tomas at a press conference in the hospital Casimiro Ulloa, in the Ex-President was hospitalized.


Against Peru’s former President Alan García was detained on suspicion of accepting bribes


García is determined to be operated on in a head injury, informed the Director of the hospital. After his admission, he had suffered three heart attacks, the Doctors would have him reanimate.

The justice had arranged a ten-day remand of the former President (1985-1990 and 2006-2011), within the framework of the investigations in the corruption scandal of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. The Prosecutor’s office determined against Garcia for alleged illegal financing of his election campaign in 2006 with donations from Odebrecht. García denies, Odebrecht to have the money accepted.


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+++ 16.09 at: US claims against foreign companies in Cuba are +++

The United States to sue in their courts against foreign companies in Cuba. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo announced that the relevant law should from 2. May be applied. The government of President Donald Trump is so over the warnings of the EU.

The US law of 1996 had not been exposed to in the past few decades, of all the Trump-predecessors, so as not to alienate Western partners. Now, Pompeo explained, “each Person or company that do business in Cuba”, to note his announcement.