The evidence in the trials against the IS-returnees, according to a scientist is often difficult.

“witnesses are often dead or you are in another country and be found easily,” says the Frankfurt scientist Susanne Schröter from the research center Global Islam. In the framework of a scientific project are also observed processes against suspected Islamists and analyzed.

“Past processes have shown that it is very difficult to find evidence, which will be recognized in a German court so far that they lead to a conviction.” It was to be expected, therefore, that returnees will be acquitted, or, after a short detention, again on free foot.

This should not, however, mean that it was relatively harmless hangers-on. “Some of them you have to consider to be dangerous,” said Islamic scholar Schröter. “A distancing from this IS extremely rare and if, it is introduced mostly by the lawyers. Convincing the is not usually.”