In Turkey, has been arrested according to media reports, once again a German at the time of entry fixed.

A 36-year-old man with Turkish roots from Hessen will be accused by the Turkish justice because of the content of a number of Facebook entries “terrorist propaganda”, reported in the WDR, NDR and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on Tuesday.

The man had already flown by the end of July in Turkey and after his arrival at the airport of the seaside resort of Antalya has been determined. A judge later ruled that the man had to stay due to a flight risk initially in custody. The Federal foreign office in Berlin had informed about the case informed. A dpa request, the German foreign Ministry was in the evening initially unanswered.

In the year 2017 had participated in a series of festival of the German state led to citizens out of “political reasons,” a serious crisis between Berlin and Ankara. Since then, the majority of for these reasons, fixed German came free.

The case, now would not be the first case in which a German, because of critical entries in the social media device with the Turkish justice in conflict. The Federal government had repeatedly tightened their travel advice for Turkey – most recently in March. “Enough to Share or “Like” a strangers contribution corresponding content is in a particular case,” it says on the AA website. And: It had to be assumed “on the assumption that non-public comments in social media about to be redirected through anonymous denunciation to the Turkish law enforcement authorities”.

interior Minister Süleyman Soylu had warned in the spring, according to the state Anadolu news Agency: “there are those who participate in Europe, and in Germany to the events of the terrorist organization, and then in Antalya, Bodrum and Mugla holidays.” With “the terrorist organization,” he said, among other things, the EU and Turkey as a terrorist organization classified the forbidden Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK. “You should come here but to and from the airports to enter the country. We take them and go!” had said the interior Minister at the time.

From the Turkish government, it was said then that the Comments had been taken out of context. Tourists from Germany and all other countries are still welcome.

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