Robert Hardman could sincerely report that the Notre Dame was not completely destroyed. He writes, however, that The Church is like a “ruin”, the Area around the building-a “Hollywood Disaster movie” would be almost every emergency vehicle in Paris and in front of the building.

“Once inside, no one said a word.”

the Journalist from The British tabloid “Daily Mail” is one of the first to see the Internal of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris after the devastating fire (read more here about the big fire). “Once inside, no one said a word,” writes Hardman. “It was not necessary.” The smell got to him singed the neck “” that his feet were “” soaked””. “The old black and white tiles (…) are located under a gently flowing stream of water the firefighters, the the water, apparently, out of His pumps.” Word garlands that can not conceal the extent of the destruction: “The tower of Notre-Dame is not (…), the building the sky opened”.

Hardman know to report but also Good, if can say: “at 1 am in the Morning, at the other end of the Cathedral, lit by embers and fire-fighting equipment, I could see an impressive Symbol of defiance: the unmistakable sight of the crucifix on the Rest of the altar.”


the Altar of The Notre-Dame, before and after the great fire,

©Ph. Wojazer/L. Bonaventure/Pool Reuters/AP/AFP POOL/Reuters fire in the Paris of Notre-Dame

The fire in the world famous Parisian Cathedral deleted was deleted on Tuesday morning fully. Now experts would have to examine the extent of the damage, said the spokesman for the Paris fire brigade, Gabriel Plus. The fire had spread, therefore, on Monday evening rapidly to the entire roof of the Cathedral, and thus a surface area of more than 1300 square meters.

by Morning the forces of the fire Department were especially busy, to protect the two bell towers of the Church, said Plus. This was a success. Around a hundred firefighters remained now in use, in order to monitor the fabric and to remove any brand ester.


view in the Cathedral of Notre Dame


the cause of The fire was initially unclear. According to the Prosecutor’s office, the fire could stand to Work on the roof of the Cathedral in the connection, where scaffoldings were installed. The public Prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for negligent arson and interviewed a construction worker.

source: “Daily Mail”, news Agency AFP