the children of The murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi after a report in the “Washington Post” of the Saudi leadership, with expensive houses and large sums of money as compensation.

The newspaper reported on Monday evening (local time), citing current and former Saudi government representatives, as well as on the environment of the family Khashoggis, king Salman had approved the grants at the end of last year. The two sons and two daughters Khashoggis – the columnist for the “Washington Post” was about to get would expensive houses in Saudi Arabia and would receive monthly payments in the five-digit level.

The newspaper reported, the Saudi leadership is seeking a long-term agreement with the children Khashoggis. One goal was that this held back with public Statements on the murder of her father.

The critics of the regime had been murdered half a year ago in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Saudi Arabia has admitted that the Journalist, who lived in the United States in exile, was killed in October of 2018, a special command from the Riad. It is a trial against eleven defendants to be running.

The “Washington Post” reported now, Khashoggis children could be expected after the conclusion of the proceedings against the eleven defendants, possibly with payments of two-digit million amounts, as “blood money”. Reports that crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman might be involved in the murder, has rejected Saudi Arabia categorically. US President, Donald Trump had taken Bin Salman in protection and of the business relations of the USA with Saudi Arabia referred to.

half A year after the murder of the editor of the Washington Post, Fred Ryan practiced sharp criticism of the Saudi crown Prince and US President, Donald Trump. In a comment Ryan wrote, I Am Salman I have arranged the murder. Trump, among the grave with his attitude “the credibility and the moral authority of the United States”. Ryan called on the US Congress to do everything in order to draw the killer Khashoggis responsibility.