The Federal government is to “picture”information as a result of high spending increases and slightly weaker tax revenues in a financial gap of almost 25 billion euros up to the year 2023.

from a message by the Federal Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to his fellow Ministers at the start of the talks on financial planning, according to “image”.

in it, he will present a budget hole in the amount of 24.7 billion euros by 2023. In this account of the complete Exhaustion of the financial buffer in place for dealing with refugees (Refugee) is included, which is currently filled with 35.2 billion euros, the report says. The lower tax revenue would tear per year, a hole of around five billion euros.

At a Meeting with representatives of the other ministries in the past week, there have been, according to the participants, a salutary warning against over-spending – because the government have recently inflated their officials-apparatus drastically: for example, the personnel expenditures from 2016 to 2020, would increase from 31 to more than 35 billion euros. You should now be frozen, in addition, there should be no more money for the digital Pact school.