The Greens have won according to a newspaper report in the past year, so many members since their start-up phase.

His party have booked 10.246 new entries and counting now 75.311 members, said the national Director of the Michael waiters of the “world”. The a all-time is, according to the report.

with a Particularly strong increase was, therefore, in Eastern Germany, where the Greens were, as yet, only weakly represented. So, the number of members has grown nationwide to 15,75% in the East without Berlin, but to 19.1 percent. In Brandenburg, the increase amounted to a rate of 26 per cent, in Saxony 23 per cent. “We are younger, female and in East Germany,” said a waiter of the newspaper.

The proportion of women was increased slightly from 39.8 to 40.5 percent. The average age was dropped by the many entries from 49.5 years to smooth 49 years.