hopes of an imminent breakthrough in the Brexit-the dispute could be a media report, according to premature. As the British “Telegraph” reported, in the follow-up negotiations in Brussels is not a result that should satisfy the demands of the hardliners.

This leading Brexit had advocates in the past week, conciliatory tones. The influential Tory MP, Jacob Rees-had indicated Mogg, he could be a supplementary document to the Brexit agreement to be satisfied. So far, the opponents of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, with Brussels negotiated Deals had insisted on an Amendment to the text of the Treaty itself.

in terms of Content, however, there are no signs of rapprochement. The Brexit-hard-liners call for a time limit or a unilateral right of termination for the agreement, agreed to guarantee an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland.

as a Backstop provision referred to provides that the United Kingdom remains as long as a Whole part of a customs Union with the EU, until the Problem is solved otherwise. Critics fear that the country could remain so permanently close to the EU bound.

Brussels is ready to give assurances that the Backstop is not meant as a permanent solution. An expiration date or a unilateral right of termination in the EU but rejects categorically. The efforts of the British government is therefore focused in the meantime on arbitration, London and Brussels at odds over when the Backstop is to be eliminated, reported the Telegraph. If the Resistors were in the Parliament to overcome, but it is doubtful.

the Prime Minister May want to, at the latest on 12. March on the Brexit agreement to the vote. In a first attempt it was failed with a Bang. 29. March is supposed to leave the UK, the EU.