The donations affair of the AfD is for the party may be at risk in the upcoming elections. An Insa poll commissioned by the AfD Federal Executive Board and has a “mirror”report, 39 percent of the respondents to interfere in the affair.

In the case of the “AfD-savvy voters”, i.e., those that could imagine, the right-wing populist party, be it even 45 percent. After a party internal evaluation of the survey the theme of “a high potential for Concern in the case of the AfD-voters have,” writes the news magazine.

A lack of a clear demarcation of the party from the right edge concern, while 28 percent of AfD voters for discomfort, the discussion on a Monitoring of the party even in the case of 61 percent, the report says.

The Federal administration had imposed on the AfD recently because of illegal party donations in two cases, penalties of a total of 402.900 Euro.

According to the “mirror” spreading the party donations affair. The Berlin Prosecutor’s office was investigating AfD-Federal Treasurer Klaus Fohrmann on suspicion of violation of the party law. The authority have confirmed that it is going to allegedly false information in the financial statements of the years 2016 and 2017 reports. Background of the investigations in question were worthy of advertising in the value of a total sum “in the lower six-digit range”.

According to research by “mirror” and “Report Mainz” is the election campaign assistance from the Stuttgart-based “Association for the preservation of the rule of law and civil liberties”, which had made use of the Swiss Agency Goal AG for many years, the mood for the AfD. The Goal of AG is also the choice to fight AIDS, which had led to the penalty came.