Repair the foldable Mate X Phone screen
Repair the foldable Mate X Phone screen

The Huawei service website shows that a screen repair for the Mate X in China costs 7080 yuan. Converted this amounts to approximately 910 euros. This makes the repair more expensive than many modern smartphones. The amount applies to consumers and includes labor costs. This does, however, concern prices for the Chinese market. The price will also be so high, because the folding screen is expensive to produce. The telephone itself costs 16,799 yuan, or 2185 euros.

Repair costs for the other parts are a lot lower. Replacing the chipset costs 3579 yuan, which amounts to around 460 euros. Replacing the camera costs 90 euros, a battery door costs 46 euros and a new battery costs 38 euros. The Mate X contains two batteries.

The Mate X has been available in China since 15 November. It is currently unknown whether the telephone will also be marketed outside of China. The Mate X was announced in February and would initially be released in June.

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The release of the device was postponed until September after the problems surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Fold release, but Huawei announced just before this planned release that the device was not yet ready for sale. Samsung asks for the first screen repair of the Galaxy Fold around 150 euros. The second time a Fold needs a new screen, it costs users around 600 euros.