Sharp weapon against food and medicine: Venezuela’s controversial President, Nicolás Maduro, has turned his country into a fortress and let no humanitarian aid for its population. Several people died at the borders, hundreds were injured in clashes. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo spoke of a “sick tyrants” and threatened on Twitter: “The United States will take measures against those who resist the peaceful restoration of democracy in Venezuela.”

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó announced on Saturday evening that he was going to come together on Monday with U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence and the Latin American foreign Ministers of the so-called Lima-a group in Bogota, in order to discuss next steps.

Pompeo has condemned the violence of the “Maduro’s thugs” against the civilian population of Venezuela. Now the time had come to support the desperate people in Venezuela, he announced on Twitter. “What a sick bully stops food for hungry people?”, he wrote further.

reports of dead and hundreds of injured

The U.S. state Department called for free access for humanitarian aid for Venezuela and criticized the behavior of Maduro, the “criminal gangs” to the limits of chic, to stop the convoys with relief goods. “Tomorrow is a new day,” – said in a late Saturday evening a notice published by the State Department. This is an opportunity for the Venezuelan armed forces, “to do the Right thing”.


Serious allegations against head of state: Is Maduro’s special unit of the protesters?


The Guaidó with the support of Colombia, Brazil, Chile and the United States of Venezuela, provided humanitarian aid, was stopped on Saturday at various border points of the security forces Maduros. Both on the border with Colombia and on to Brazil, it came to severe cases, with at least three dead and around 300 injured.

On one of the border bridges to Colombia four trucks of Venezuelan security forces with tear gas and rubber bullets to Be brought, after they had broken through an initial barrier. Two of the trucks caught fire, as the station Radio Caracol reported. The trucks with food and medicines were to be provisionally withdrawn from the border crossings. From Puerto Rico come on ship with relief goods was dismissed in the Caribbean from the Venezuelan ships of war, under the threat of the use of weapons.

New Cold war

In Venezuela, the people are struggling to Survive. And Trump and Putin to Power

By Jan Christoph Wiechmann Venezuela breaks off diplomatic relations with Colombia from

Venezuela has broken off in the crisis on the import of relief goods, diplomatic relations with the neighboring country of Colombia. “We can’t tolerate that Colombian territory will bear for an Aggression against Venezuela,” Maduro said at a mass rally of his supporters in Caracas. All Colombian diplomats and consular officials should leave within 24 hours, the country.

Colombia’s foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo criticized the announcement by Maduro, and reiterated his government to recognize his opponent Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela. For the protection of the Colombian diplomats, he arranged their return journey to Colombia.

Maduro described the self-appointed interim President Guaidó as “a Clown, a puppet, a puppet of US imperialism”. Maduro declared victory in the tug of war over the relief goods. “The coup (the Opposition) has failed,” he said. According to Maduro, the aid action his opponent has Guaidó the target of a military Intervention and the overthrow of the government. In Venezuela, a severe state of emergency prevails in the food and drug supply.