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How to Register Mobile In PTA?

If you are living in Pakistan and own a mobile phone then you need to register it with PTA. If you are an owner of a mobile phone then you must register your phone with PTA. If you don’t register it you’re your mobile will be blocked.  In this post, we will guide you about How to Register Mobile in PTA. PTA has requested all the mobile owners to register their mobile with PTA. If you register you’re your mobile will not get blocked so make sure to read this article to know the details.

What is PTA?

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is an official organization of Pakistan that is in charge of regulating the telecommunication system in Pakistan.

Why do you need to register with PTA if you have a mobile phone?

PTA started this registration of mobiles to keep tracking the mobile devices of every user in Pakistan. The mobile devices used in Pakistan are imported so it is important to keep a track of the mobiles. Many mobile phones are also smuggled in Pakistan which is illegal. PTA introduced the system of mobile registration because this allows the organization to track mobile phones easily.

If you buy a new mobile then you must buy it from a shop which provides PTA-approved phones. You will find a PTA-approved stamp on its box. If you have bought a phone from abroad then you get a free registration on one of your devices by PTA. You are also required to pay relevant tax for using a mobile device in Pakistan.

How to check if your mobile phone is registered with PTA or not?

You can check if your mobile phone is registered with PTA or not. The process is simple and easy and you just have to send a message on 8484. You will have to write the IMEI of your mobile in the message and send it to 8484. In return, you will get an automated message from PTA which will tell you whether your phone is verified or not.

If you want to know what your mobile phone IMEI is then you have to, dial *#06# from your mobile device. If you use a dual SIM then you will receive two separate IMEI numbers. Dial*#06# from your mobile device, and you will get a 15 digit IMEI number in reply. IMEI number of your mobile phone can also be found in your phone settings.

The process of registration with PTA

When a message is sent to 8484 the user receives one of the following messages:

  • The device IMEI is (PTA Approved) and this message means that your device is approved by the PTA. You can continue to use all the network services.
  • The device IMEI is non-compliant and not approved but you are allowed to use the network services. If your device is non-compliant then get it registered with PTA by calling to register your device.
  • The device IMEI is blocked which indicates that your device is and you cannot access it in Pakistan.

If you get a blocked IMEI message from PTA then you have to get it registered. The process of registering your device with OTA is as follows:

Register your Mobile Phone through USSD

Dial *8484#, and follow these steps:

  • Dial *8484# from your mobile phone.
  • The user will get various options after dialing *8484#. You have to press 1 to register your mobile device.
  • If you are a citizen of Pakistan reply with 1 and if you are a foreigner then reply with a 2
  • Reply with 1 if it is your first device. You will be registered free of cost.
  • Enter your passport number and CNIC.
  • Enter the number of SIM slots in your mobile device
  • Enter your IMEI number and enter both IMEI numbers if you have two Sims.
  • Reply with 1 and complete the registration request
  • Your request will be sent to PTA.
  • The user will receive a confirmation message from 8484 and if your credentials are not correct then you will have to go through the above-mentioned steps again.
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