on a German rescue ship in the Mediterranean sea since the days of hold outs 62 migrants in Malta, in the country. From there they were brought to Germany, France, Portugal and Luxembourg, informed the Maltese government.

None of them will stay in Malta. Germany, according to the Federal Ministry of the interior, from Saturday up to 26 people.

The rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” of the organization Sea-Eye had people on 3. April off the Libyan coast saved. The ship had no permit, in a safe port to enter, since Italy and Malta insisted on a distribution of people to other EU countries. Two women were brought for reasons of health in Malta to the country.

Even now, the “Alan Kurdi is not allowed to” break in Malta, the government of around 350 kilometres North of the Libyan coast to the island state. A Maltese Diplomat said that the migrants would require from the rescue vessel to a Maltese ship, which you then bring to the country.

The German human rights organisation Pro ASYL criticised the behaviour of the smallest EU-country as “unbearable”. “There is no reasonable explanation, that Malta is the “Alan Kurdi” not skating on ice. Malta enters the human dignity”, said managing Director Günter Burkhardt. Pro ASYL, a European distribution challenge ended up key for and distress rescued boat refugees.