After a week long struggle for humanitarian support for Venezuela has distributed the Red cross first aid supplies in the South American country in crisis.

staff of the charity organization brought on Wednesday drinking water and water purification tablets in different districts of the capital, Caracas. “I am very glad that the humanitarian aid has arrived,” said a man in a TV station TVV.

Previously, a plane with medicines and electricity generators was landed aboard at the airport of Caracas, such as the Red cross via Twitter announced. The from Panama and flown in genes charge is part of an increasing humanitarian aid for Venezuela to almost three times – to almost 25 million dollars (approximately 22 million euros). This was decided by the International Committee of the Red cross (ICRC) a few days ago.

“Today is a day of success for all Venezuelans and a major defeat for the usurper,” said the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó to the address of the head of state, Nicolás Maduro. “The humanitarian aid has arrived, because we have all fought as a United people. Now we need to make sure that it reaches those who need it most, and not for extortion is being abused.”

Guaidó and Maduro deliver since January a fierce battle. Although many States have recognized Guaidó as the rightful interim President, but in Venezuela, he could not be Maduro yet dangerous. Especially the powerful military, the socialist head of state, continue to be Loyal to. Guaidó calls for democratic elections.

“We ask everyone to avoid the politicization of this great success”, said the Chairman of the Red cross in Venezuela, Mario Villarroel. The intended delivery of 28 Venezuelan hospitals will be carried out according to the principles of independence and neutrality. The ICRC had recently signed with Venezuela’s Ministry of health to sign an agreement to the people notversorgen.

Venezuela is in a severe political and economic crisis, which has led the health system, the food supply and the electricity supply to the brink of collapse. The head of state, Maduro has declared a work-free day for the whole of Easter week, in order to repair the damaged electricity networks. Since the beginning of March, the people in Venezuela are suffering from widespread power outages.

due to lack of foreign exchange may introduce once-rich country is hardly food, medicines and things of daily needs. Many people are starving, hospitals, children are dying. More than three million Venezuelans have left their home already.

the leader of the opposition Guaidó had tried in February, help to create goods from the neighboring country of Colombia to Venezuela. However, the security forces stopped the trucks on Maduro’s behest at the border.