recovery of small amounts of worry at the job centers for a significantly higher administrative costs than revenue. So the Jobcenter 2018 requested a total of 18 million euros in amounts up to 50 Euro.

but I have caused administrative costs of 60 million euros, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Agency for work (BA) on Wednesday. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Wednesday) had first reported about it.

the Federal Agency-in-chief Detlef Scheele told the newspaper: “We wish for for years, the introduction of a minimum threshold. The current expense reimbursement and the waiver of small amounts is disproportionate to the yield.”

a BA spokeswoman said, to, could the Overpayments come about when, for example, benefits would be paid to a Hartz IV recipient, subject, because a document is missing. After submitting the document, the final calculation is success, then, and Overpayments would be recovered.

The Left-Chairman Katja Kipping criticized as expensive harassment in two ways: “The job centre it costs too much money, and the Affected it reinforces the feeling of humiliation.” In the case of the Poorest’m going to look at every Euro, while corporations with tax tricks could come in a big way. Kipping back to claims of their party took for a “sanction-free minimum income” in the amount of 1050 euros.

The BA spokeswoman emphasized that it was not clear whether this practice will change. The legislature decides that. “It’s not in our hands.”

The Federal Agency had been introduced several years ago already the proposal, a so-called de minimis limit. This was part of a package of proposals to the BA for the simplification of the Hartz-IV regulations. Even then, it was said that the costs were often several times higher than the claim itself.


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Teodora Torrendo is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.


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