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Record of Youth Release Date, Cast, Plot Other Details Below

Record of Youth is an upcoming South Korean Drama that is going to release on TVN channel. One of Korea’s most popular actors Park Bo Gum is a part of the series. A lot of new K-dramas are coming to entice the viewers and it is one of them too. In today’s post, we will discuss all the latest news and gossips about the Record of Youth.

What is Record of Youth all about?

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Record of Youth tells the story of a youth group and they are struggling to achieve their dreams. They are working hard to find love in the challenging modeling industry. Recently the new posters of the drama have been released and people are excited to know about it all. There are two friends who are very close and even share the dream of becoming actors. Even though the friends are sharing the same dreams their environments are different from each other. In Sa- Hye Joon has also a huge family and they always head back home after getting done with their grocery. They live in a neighborhood that is down the narrow alley but they share bright smiles with one another.

They keep themselves happy with normal situations in life. Han Ae Sook is sweet and her son Sa Young Nam always walks quietly down the neighborhood. Sa Hye Joon is a fashionable grandfather and his brother and model student are spending a great life together. She is yet to fulfill her dreams but their families are by each other’s side. There is another wonderful family Won Hae Hyo’s enjoy a good family tea time together. She loves her son very deeply and always thinks highly of what he does. He dreams of becoming an actor and needs all the support from his family.

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What are the latest updates on the Record of youth?

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The story of the drama features Sa Hye Joon and Won Hae Hyo. There is another big story that highlights the story of two mothers and they both share a good bond with their sons. There is a group of youth and they, all share great things with each other. According to the makers of the Record of Youth, the film has two different stories to tell one is youth and the other is the older generation. Mature as well as the young audience will like the stories shared by the makers. Youth struggling to get what they want is something that will excite the youth who is watching this series.

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Who is in the cast of Record of Youth?

The cast of Record of Youth is huge as there are many characters in the series. Here are the cast details below.

  • Park Bo-Gum
  • Park So-Dam
  • Byeon Woo-Seok
  • Ha Hee-Ra
  • Lee Min-Jae
  • Lee Tae-Soo

Each member of the cast has a part to play so the viewers are going to fall for everyone. The characters are written very well and they seem realistic in the true sense. You can enjoy every bit of the drama and makers are hoping it will do well.

What is the release date of the Record of Youth?

Record of Youth will be released by the end of September and you can enjoy it with English Subtitles. You can stream the episodes online as there are many websites available on the internet. It will release on the official cable television Network TVN.

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