After 18 days in custody, he is free again: the 27-year-old brother-in-law for over a month missing schoolgirl Rebecca from Berlin.

The investigating judge lifted the arrest warrant against Florian R. on Friday, because “he has due to the current determination level of doubt on the probable cause,” said the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office of the decision. The prosecution did not appeal against the decision of the judge. (Read more here.)

the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office waived on appeal

the 27-Year anniversary of the remand prison to leave Berlin-Moabit, he accepted, but more as a suspect in the Disappearance of his sister-in-law, said a spokeswoman for the Berlin Prosecutor’s office. As such, he is accused of the Commission of a criminal Offence and he has in any other interviews according to the code of criminal procedure the right to refuse to make a statement. Likewise, it is also possible that against Florian R. again, a warrant is issued, should there be new evidence. Have not changed despite the intensive investigation of the murder Commission in the past few weeks, however, the Prosecutor’s office.

so Far, the authorities in the case have made, among other things, the following circumstantial evidence against Florian R. to the public, a few days after the Disappearance of Rebecca’s in the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”:

The investigators believe that Rebecca has not left the house of her brother-in-law and her oldest sister, in which she had prior to her Disappearance stayed conscious. This conclusion was “as a result of the phone behavior from Rebecca and the evaluation of the router data-from the house of the brother-in-law,” said Michael Hoffmann, head of the murder Commission, in the show. At the time of the crime, Florian R. with Rebecca had been alone in the house in the Berlin Maurerweg.Florian R. will rides two suspects with the car, a raspberry red Renault Twingo, on highway 12 between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder): a short time after the Disappearance of Rebecca’s on the Morning of the 18. February, in the night of may 19. on the 20. February. The car had been collected by an automatic license plate surveillance system. To “two trips he did not make any statements, the trips fit at all to the Version told by Florian R.,” says Hartmann. To the times exclusively of the 27-Year-old access to the vehicle. Media reports, according to which the tours with the drug-shops of the accused have not been officially confirmed. (Read more here.)

offence But all the circumstantial evidence for a homicide: The prosecution did nothing to corroborate their suspicions, the spokesman said the Prosecutor, Martin Steltner. For an urgent suspicion “is not enough evidence at the present time”. A body has not been found, and Florian R., who denies it, to have something to do with the Disappearance of Rebecca’s – he is, therefore, more than innocent.

mother and sister in “Colorful”

“we Would never harm”: the family of Rebecca are once again behind brother-in-law

The family of missing Rebecca Reusch provides once again behind the suspect’s brother-in-law. In an interview with the magazine “Bunte” from talking to him, the mother and sister of 15-Year-old trust.

requirements – for example, that he is not allowed to leave Berlin or a day in a police station to report – have not been imposed by the courts. This is only possible when a warrant remains in place, but there is a so-called temporary bail. In the case of Florian, R., the arrest warrant is lifted.

The image of Florian R. is nationally known

Nevertheless, His old life, the chef will not be able to lead. On 6. In March, the Berlin police published three unverpixelte photos by Florian R. and asked the population to the information on the contact persons and locations on the day of Rebecca’s Disappearance. The recordings were widely used thousands of times on social media and numerous Newspapers and online portals and the website of the police. The face of Florian R. is widely known and he will be able to be recognized on the street by Strangers. On the star request, the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office informs that the judges have the inventory decision to the public investigation with the images of Florian R. The hurdles are lower than for a warrant. (Read more here.)

For a month

when the police finds the ultimate track to Rebecca?


a charge of the Berlin Association of the criminal defense lawyer against the police: It had become through “unofficial announcements” possibly incriminating evidence against Florian R. publicly criticized the Chairman of the Association, Stefan Conen, at the beginning of March in the star-Interview. The sacrificed 27-Year-old was “by some media and Parts of the investigators present on the Altar of self-reinforcing of the desire for sensation”. This had serious consequences for the accused: “Even if he has nothing to do with the Disappearance of Rebecca, he would adhere to in his life time by this reporting, incurred suspicion as a mark of Cain.” (Read more here.)

This is the brother-in-law of Rebecca deal, unless he keeps himself in the coming weeks, not from the Public. And he will have to the family of Rebecca explain. Although the members claimed again and again that you keep the husband of the eldest sister of Rebecca’s innocent, but in particular the father of the girl made in several Interviews that he has a need to clarify with his son-in-law. The “Berliner Morgenpost” he said after the release of Florian R.: “I hope my son-in-law can speak soon. Up to now he has not contacted us.”


Florian R. denies to have anything to do with the Disappearance of his sister-in-law Rebecca

©police Berlin

Rebecca’s mother announced in an interview with the news channel n-tv, you’ll have to talk about what happened. “I think he will now want to rest first,” she said, with a view to Florian R., who, according to the “Bild”newspaper, first with his mother in Berlin-Lichtenberg under the came.

search for Rebecca goes on

the officials of the homicide in the case of Rebecca to Rest. But what can you do now? Because the brother-in-law of the girl is under suspicion, you could apply to a judge of Surveillance: interception of a phone, Track the Chats and E-Mails and Observation by civil investigators. This is likely to be the accused, however, also aware.

“We will search with the same intensity and with the same effort, according to Rebecca,” said state’s attorney Steltner. Of course you have to go to Rebecca’s Disappearance, which have nothing to do with Florian R., there is, finally, about 2000 notes. “But we have to stick to the facts, we can’t speculate.” Steltner promised: “We will do everything to your fate, to educate.”

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sources: Berlin police Department, General Prosecutor’s office in Berlin, section 136 of the code of criminal procedure, ZDF, n-tv, “image”, “Berliner Morgenpost”, the news agencies DPA and AFP