The public attention in the case of the missing schoolgirl Rebecca is low, the work of the Berlin homicide, however, goes further – just like the family of 15-Year-olds continue to hopes to be able to Rebecca again soon.

New food to receive this hope through an anonymous note from Poland, the parents of the girl reported to the TV station RTL: “someone called and said that he has seen Rebecca in Poland, in a buying house in the company of a man.” The caller might have been referring to, Rebecca had not been in view that she felt uncomfortable.

Who was the caller from Poland?

A serious zunehmener note or the insidious mesh of a Board rider? The former, believes the family, because The man had mentioned the braces Rebecca’s – a Detail that the official investigation invoke previously unmentioned remained, and thus in the eyes of the family for an actual sighting of the Missing talks.

Missing student

Two months of futile search: police are on the case, Rebecca

The headlines are dwindling, the Public’s attention turns back to other cases of missing 15-year-old Rebecca. But the Berlin police don’t want to give up.


According to RTL, the father of Rebecca’s want to have passed on the possible note from Poland to the investigator, he felt but not to be taken seriously. The Prosecutor objected to the broadcaster: “We will do everything to the fate to educate Rebecca’s. That is our duty, that is our legal mandate. And I think we have not given any reason to criticize us.”

The message behind it: Should come from the investigators to the conclusion that the track could promise to Poland of progress, would you put up with your colleagues in the neighboring country.

The relationship between the Berlin homicide investigators and the family of Rebecca’s is considered to be charged. Police and prosecutors are a little thrilled that the relatives of the Missing are regularly looking for the Public and, for example, give Interviews, invite reporters from television stations or magazines to your home or in your social networks to the missing person’s case items.


“My child is being held somewhere”: Rebecca’s mother appeals to potential abductors

to determine The girl’s family accuses the officers for weeks in the wrong direction. The homicide is believed that Rebecca is the home of your oldest sister and your brother-in-law on the Morning of the 18. February is no longer conscious, and the 15-Year-old dead by now. Under suspicion of the 27-year-old husband of Rebecca’s sister Jessica. The investigators rely primarily on two clues: one is the “phone behavior of Rebecca and the evaluation of the router data-out of the house”, as the head of the murder Commission in the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst” said.

the family believes that Rebecca is alive

On the other, the brother-in-law had made journeys shortly after the Disappearance of the girl for at least two suspects in the car, which had not yet been conclusively explained: On the Morning of the 18. February and in the night of may 19. on the 20. In February, the indicator of the raspberry red Renault Twingo has been recognized, therefore, on highway 12 Southeast of Berlin by an automatic monitoring system. To have the times only the brother-in-law Rebecca had access to the vehicle, Hartmann at the time.

in the Meantime, the suspect was in custody. A judge denied later, however, a “probable cause” and ordered the release. Nevertheless, the 27-Year-old was still in the focus of the investigators, informed the Prosecutor’s office then.

six weeks

investigator disappeared in the case of Rebecca hope for progress – the family holds together more

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The members of Rebecca’s claimed in various Interviews that they believe in the innocence of the brother-in-law – finally, you assume that Rebecca lives in.

How strained the relationship between the family and the investigators, was also demonstrated in a video appeal of the father of Rebecca, according to the anonymous note from Poland, the RTL showed: “If anyone has seen anything, ( … ), then it would be nice if he would report to, and …”, there is a long Hesitation, and then, seemingly reluctantly: “… the police.”

Over 2000 notes in the case of Berlin police received

Since the Disappearance of Rebecca’s now received well over 2000 references from the population with the police. The officials check and priosieren this continuously and then decide about your next steps. Finally, the investigators focused their action on the environment of a small lake in East-Brandenburg, and sought after the girl’s body, but without having found something.

The investigation into the murder or missing persons case, not by a long shot, even two months after the Disappearance of Rebecca’s, promises to be the spokesman for the Prosecutor, Martin Steltner, in the RTL Interview: “We do not let go, we can’t talk about everything we do. We are looking for unchanged to Rebecca. In addition, we have tracks from the Cars and out of the apartment, which have yet to be evaluated. We hope that it succeeds, the fate of Rebecca solve the mystery.”

click Here to go to the search appeal by the Berlin police.

sources: RTL I and RTL II, police in Berlin, ZDF, DPA news Agency