three weeks Ago the nightmare began. Since the Morning of the 18th. February, lacking any trace of the 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin. The missing case is now a criminal case, the States of Germany how long is second to none. What happened with the girl?

The investigators of the Berlin homicide in the past three weeks little stone unturned, the mysterious Disappearance of the student to educate. You searched with immense personal effort, multiple times in a forest in Brandenburg, to find the young people. Published in a remarkable step photos of the suspect’s brother-in-law of the student to obtain clues as to his movements after the Disappearance of Rebecca’s. And they presented their case in the ZDF-Studio in the show “aktenzeichen XY” to reach an audience of millions with your questions.

police is more than 1200 References to Rebecca after

And yet the officials are, it seems, in front of a Problem: you believe that Rebecca was a homicide victim. They even believe that the brother-in-law the offender is in custody. But: you have no body, no sign of life from Rebecca, and apparently no evidence sufficient for a conviction of the Suspect. The pressure on the police is growing.

Missing 15-Year-old

mark wanted Kesy in the case of Rebecca – that’s why the police is now “pissed off”

What is left to the officials, the hope is that the Arrested is told, in jail, but still, what is he on the Morning of the 18. January has made. Yet he is silent. It may turn out that he actually has nothing to do with the Disappearance of Rebecca’s. And then?

Whether there will be in the near future, other search operations, according to Rebecca, left the police at the weekend. Chief investigator Michael Hoffmann and his people want to dedicate yourself to now something else. The focus is now on the process more than 1200 notes from the population, it said. Including a lot of useless or obscure information, such as supposed apparitions of the self were called psychics, a police spokesperson told the star last week, however, serious as the possible sightings of the suspect’s brother-in-law to the searched the forest area in Brandenburg.

The homicide must views, this 1200 notes now and prioritize: What is the mischief, what could be a hot track? Then the officials decide on their next steps.

Here’s the stuff call the police.

read more about the case of Rebecca:media report: drug deal reason for suspect in drive by Florian R. will be a fruitless day-long search in the forest, according to Rebecca, the police must have more than 1000 notes in the case of Rebecca – charge to rethink, even without a body was discovered possible missing Rebecca – one of the most mysterious criminal cases of our Time, places that were important in the case of Rebecca – here are the police still hopes to note why the police is looking for this photo to Rebecca? A police officer speaks on”illegal Drive”: a criminal defense lawyer attack, in the case of Rebecca investigators and PresseDie most important statements of the chief investigator in “aktenzeichen XY” – police scoured the forest wue / DPA-Material