Around 20 so-called raisin bombers flew on Sunday over Berlin. The vintage aircraft crossed the Tempelhofer field and for the spectators and camera lenses good visible. The action should be reminiscent of the legendary air bridge 70 years ago. During the Soviet Berlin Blockade from 24. June 1948 to 12. May 1949, had the Western allies by a plane of relief goods brought in from the outside world sealed off the Western part of the city – hence the affectionate term “raisin bomber”. With almost 280,000 flights to underserved Americans, the British and the French, more than two million inhabitants, with nearly two million tons of critical cargo such as food and coal life.

around the anniversary campaign, there was some Trouble. Originally, namely, the planes should be dropping again on the German capital of sweets, like 70 years ago. But it was banned by the Berlin Senate, according to a report from the “image”. Also the plane could not land in Berlin.

candy bomber in Berlin: “We will never come again,” said

a spokesman for the mayor of the “image” would be submitted to the organizers of the “friends of the air bridge Berlin 70”, the necessary documents are not “complete and correct”. Some of the pilots that were involved in the Berlin airlift and the city were supplied with food, were specially flown back to Germany and wanted to originally land at the former Tempelhof airport.

The disappointment that this was not possible, is great. “I’m very upset about the decision. Properly pissed off. The politicians would have wanted it, we approval had within minutes. We will never come back. Not for the 75. Anniversary,” said Captain Sherman Smoot, who had flown in 1948, a raisin bomber of the model Douglas DC-3, the “image”.

So only one Pass was possible. The planes were launched in Faßberg, lower Saxony. From there, around 70 percent of the coal were flown during the Berlin Blockade shipments to Berlin. The allies decided to airlift after the Soviets, motorways in the Western sectors of Berlin on the 24. June 1948 blocked. All roads, railway lines and water routes to West Berlin were cut.

sources: image / DPA