these days, many people certainly envy Donald Trump. The more difficult a against 8 o’clock in his office and treats an average of three hours of “Executive Time”, reports the US magazine “Politico” in October. Behind this euphemism, those unstructured time, in which the President is tweeting, eyes on the TV, or with Familiar hits. Only after the first date that falls in the category of government business: location, meeting with the heads of the security services. At about a quarter after five, the working day is finished then.

information about Trumps days plan leaked last year, again and again, in DRIBs and drabs. Now it was the news-side of the Axions to gain insights into the appointment calendars of the President of November until the beginning of February. The Portal has prepared the planning of the last three months in a graph. And the result: Of over 502 hours of the scheduled time should be gone 297 hours for the “Executive Time” on it. This makes more than 60 percent of the working time. Meetings waste a long of 51 hours. Lunch claimed 39 hours, the Axios-report

saw As a mounting for Trump during the shutdown from

A typical day to a high phase of the Shutdowns, the governmental bodies for 35 days, put Lahm, would have looked for Trump.

Monday 2. January 2019:

from 8 to 11 a.m.: Executive Time

11 to 11.30 am: Meeting with location of meeting

11: 30 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Executive Time

12 to 13 p.m.: Cabinet meeting

13 to 14 p.m.: lunch

14 to 14.15 PM: Executive Time

14.15 to 14.45: briefing

14: 45 to 15: Executive Time

15 to 16 PM: briefing to security at the border

16 to 17 p.m.: Executive Time

On days like the 21. January had not even been a whole day only with “Executive Time”.

Donald Trump is in comparison to its predecessors lazy

In comparison to his predecessors, Bush and Obama, Trump is a real lazy bum, the holding of tightly scheduled plans a little, so the news page of Axios. Already last week, the White house had a little difficulty explaining, as the news-page of “Newsweek” reported that the US President for the 28. January have only two fixed dates in his calendar: A Meeting with secret service chiefs and lunch with his Lieutenant, Mike Pence. The figures coincide with the data sets published by Axios on Sunday night. Axios itself is silent on who the sources are. The author cites an anonymous source from the White house. More than this he will not reveal for reasons of protection.

a Detailed insight into the appointment calendar Donald Trumps, there is Axios.