After the sudden death of a key witness in trials against Italy’s Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the judiciary is determined. The 33-year-old Ex-Model Imane Fadil was according to the Prosecutor, on 29. January in the vicinity of Milan, in a hospital, where Fadil on 1. March died. The newspaper “Corriere della Sera” reported, citing anonymous sources, Fadil had been poisoned with radio-active substances.

according to The report, the hospital had first tried to resolve with various investigations, the reasons for the rapid deterioration of Fadils state of health. Since the Tests were without result, got sent to the hospital samples to a special laboratory in Pavia. The results are on 6. March arrived, after the death of the Ex-Models. The samples would not have included “a mixture of radio-active substances, which are normally available in stores”.

an Ex-Model said in the trial against Silvio Berlusconi from

Fadils lawyer, Paolo Sevesi, said according to the news Agency AGI, his client had feared, in his own words about to be poisoned. The newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” reported, however, by an increasing intellectual confusion of the Ex-Models. You have to believe in “black spirits” and “demonic rites”.


Silvio Berlusconi finally free


Fadil had spoken in a trial against Berlusconi in the year 2012, the extravagant “Bunga-Bunga”parties at his Villa in Arcore, near Milan, described. Berlusconi gave her the first Time she came to a Party in his Villa, 2000 euros in cash and said that she should not be offended””.

Berlusconi has been accused, in the process, to have with the time of the crime, underage prostitute Karima al Mahrough alias Ruby Rubacuore had Sex. Later, the then government should have the chief office, to the because of theft arrested Moroccan free.

sources: “Corriere della Sera”, “Il Fatto Quotidano”, news Agency AGI news Agency AFP

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