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Five Dead in attack on Hotel in Nairobi, (18.04 hours)Brazil, Bolsonaro gun laws (16.21 PM)start New migrants-caravan in Honduras (15.47 hrs)Chancellery cultivation for 460 million euros (13: 43)receives of Alleged Iran spy at Bundeswehr unmasked (12.05)the protection of the Constitution explains the AfD to the test case (11.47 PM)”Anti-immigration industry” is word of the year (10.06 PM)Warning strikes at several German airports (7.53 PM)

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+++ 19.45 PM: Venezuela’s Parliament declared Maduro unlawful President +++

The house of Judah Venezuelan Parliament has accused President Nicolás Maduro, the illegitimate takeover of power. The constitutional order must be restored, said the opposition President of the national Assembly, Juan Guaidó. He had already declared in the last week, he was ready to assume the presidency temporarily and call an election, if he could count on the support of the people, the armed forces and the international community. Despite massive international protests, had Maduro in last week for a second term swearing in.

+++ 19.12 at: Global debt climbing to 244 trillion dollars +++

The global economic growth is struggling, with debt to keep up: private households, companies and the public sector all over the world were in the third quarter of 2018, together with 318 percent of economic output in the chalk, like the debt-to-monitor by the Institute of International Finance in Washington, calculates that. This is thanks to a robust growth not quite as high as the previous record in the fall of 2016, when the rate was 320 per cent. The absolute debt by a further twelve percent to the dizzying value of $ 244 trillion dollars, however, since 2016 climbed. The increase results from companies in emerging countries – especially China – as well as state budgets in industrial countries are responsible. Also the debt of private households in emerging countries rose sharply.

+++ 18: 43: AfD group in the state Parliament of Saxony-Anhalt Poggenburg concludes, unanimously, from +++

The AfD members in Saxony-Anhalt state Parliament voted unanimously for a group, to the exclusion of your former boss André Poggenburg. The Group’s Chairman, Oliver Kirchner said after a parliamentary meeting in Magdeburg. The effect of the vote due to mandatory deadlines. The formal decision should be voted on in the coming week, said Kirchner. Among other things, the chair of the enquete Commission, the left needs to be filled extremism. The AfD group will exclude Poggenburg, in any case, formally, even if he declare before his resignation, said Kirchner. For many years, AfD country Manager Poggenburg had declared a few days ago, his exit from the party, but at the same time his whereabouts in the group offered. The 43-Year-old also founded the new party “on the move of German patriots”, who wants to compete in the East in the upcoming provincial election.

+++ 18.04 PM: at Least five Dead in Hotel attack in Nairobi +++

by the Islamist Al Shabaab militia attack in Kenya claimed capital, Nairobi, are at least five people were killed. An AFP photographer saw on the terrace of a restaurant in the Hotel and office complex, five bodies. In the building complex in the upscale city district of Westlands, it was reached a violent Explosion, followed by a several hours lasting exchange of fire.

+++ 17.52 PM: AfD-politician Jens Maier. 15,000 euros for Pain and suffering to Noah Becker +++

Due to a racist remark about Noah Becker on Twitter, the regional court of Berlin has sentenced the AfD-politician Jens Maier to pay 15,000 euros for Pain and suffering to the son of tennis star Boris Becker A court spokesman told the magazine “der Spiegel”. Added to this are therefore of interest, as well as 526,58 euros in attorney’s fees. The verdict is not spent yet, – said the speaker of the magazine. The judgment is not yet final. The Expression was at 2. January 2018 on Maier’s Twitter Account has been distributed. In it, Becker has been reviled as a “small Negro”. Shortly after the publication of the Tweet was deleted. Maier was at that time already, to have the message is not even written. An employee of Maiers admitted to have the tweets stopped. Becker had asked Maier to donate 7500 euros to a charitable institution, to resolve the dispute. AfD politicians did not refer to the quotation and the civil provoked to action.

+++ 17.35 PM: “Black widow” of the Côte d’azur has to poison 14 years in prison +++

Because of her lovers-administered, has been condemned as a “Black widow” of the Côte d’azur known woman to 14 years in prison. The 58-year-old Patricia Dagorn I want the money of their victims difficult bodies, ruled the court of appeal in Aix-en-Provence in the South of France. It relieved but of the charge of murder. In the first instance had been sentenced at nice, therefore, to 22 years in prison. The court Dagorn guilty, because she had administered two seniors in coffee, chocolate cake or a salad Valium. You’ve kept the men from their families in the remote and aiming your heritage to fraudulently obtain, it said. From the charges of murdering two other men, was acquitted. In their blood Valium had also been found-tracks. The advocate General had therefore requested 30 years in prison. Dagorn insists on her innocence, and had initiated the appeal process. Their attorneys pleaded for an acquittal for lack of Evidence.

+++ 17: 00-Turkey hunting 130 further alleged terror suspect +++

Turkish prosecutors have once again put out to tender many of the alleged terror suspects to the investigation. Overall, authorities were 137 people are looking for, such as the state-run news Agency Anadolu reported. You would be accused Gülen Connections to the movement of the Islamic preacher Fethullah gülen. The Turkish government makes Gülen for the coup attempt of 2016 is responsible. Many Wanted to be members of the military or the Gendarmerie. To the arrest of the Suspect in at least 31 provinces of raids, reported Anadolu.

+++ 1643: AfD wants to proceed against classification as a “test case” by the protection of the Constitution legally +++

The AfD wants to legally proceed against the the protection of the Constitution classifies the party as a “test case”. He does not think that the arguments for non-viable, said party leader Alexander Gauland in Berlin. His Co-Group,svorsitz the end of Alice ryegrass spoke of a “distortion of competition in the political competition”. Earlier it became known that the protection of the Constitution has explained the AfD to the test case, the right of national “wings” and the youth organization Young Alternative even to the suspicion case.

in Berlin

the protection of the Constitution AfD declared nationwide to the test case – Höcke-wing is the suspected case

The AfD moves increasingly into the focus of the constitutional protection. Now the party has been raised nationwide for the test case. Thus, the authority will examine the now obvious Connections to extreme right-wing circles.

AFP +++ 16.42 PM: attackers on the Hotel in Nairobi are still in the Hotel +++

In the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, a terrorist attack on a hotel is committed complex. Some of the “armed Criminals” were still in the building, said police chief Joseph Boinnet. It had been injured. Details he called. Boinnet voice of a suspected terrorist attack. The jihadist Propaganda specialized Site Intelligence Group reported that the Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab have claimed for the attack. The area around the building complex of the hotel Dusit had been cordoned off, police said on Twitter. Special units of the police were on site and would take action against the attackers.

+++ 16.21 PM: Each of the four firearms – Brazil’s new President Bolsonaro loosens gun laws +++

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been liberalised as in the election campaign, already the weapons announced legal in the South American country. In the future, Brazilians can buy up to four firearms and at home or on-the-job store. “The people want to buy weapons and ammunition, and we are not able to refuse him,” said Bolsonaro at the signing of the decree. The right to bear arms in the public space, is not dealt with in the decree. Other restrictions remain in place: weapons buyer must provide evidence of their psychological empowerment. Brazil is one of the most violent countries in the world. With the liberalisation of the weapons on the right Bolsonaro is to improve the protection of the population. Critics assume that more weapons could escalate violence even further.

+++ 16.10: terror delivered suspect Syrians in the Netherlands +++

in Mainz arrested terror suspect Syrians have been delivered to the Netherlands. This lawyer Jürgen Brauer said, the Koblenz-General of the state. Officials of the land criminal police office (LKA) of Rhineland-Palatinate would have passed the 26-Year-old the Dutch authorities at the border crossing Goch. The suspect has a seat in Rotterdam a living. He had agreed to, in accordance with previous information from the brewer to the simplified extradition procedure. He has already been questioned by Dutch investigators. Arrested, he was been the end of 2018 at the home of a according to the police, unsuspecting Cousins in Mainz.

+++ 15.47 PM: once Again, hundreds of migrants from Honduras on the way in the USA +++

In Honduras have once again made hundreds of migrants, together on the way in the direction of the United States – in spite of the threats of U.S. President Donald Trump. In the pouring rain, more than 500 people left on Monday evening (local time) the city of San Pedro Sula. The 52-year-old Juan García told the news Agency AFP: “We will go away, because of the unemployment and the crime.” On a sign it said in red and black letters: “We are looking for protection. In Honduras, they kill us.” San Pedro Sula was on the last 13. October started with about 2000 people in the first of several marches to the well-secured border with the United States. Later, other “caravans” – the name of their participants followed – also from El Salvador and Guatemala. According to the foreign Ministry in Tegucigalpa, about 13,000 Hondurans participated in the marches, part of which 7270 returned to their homeland. Eleven were thus killed.

+++ 14.29 PM: attack on Hotel in Nairobi – Al-Shabaab militia claimed attack for +++

In the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, there has been an attack on a Hotel. The area had been cordoned off, police said on Twitter. Whether it is a terrorist attack, said ie. The Islamist Al-Shabaab militia claimed against the attack. The US-based SITE Intelligence Group, announced that is specialized to the analysis of Islamist Websites. Media reports of armed strangers that were in the complex of the hotel Dusit.

Live images on television showed burning cars in front of the Hotel, shots were heard. Security forces and the fire brigade were on the ground, a helicopter circled over the area. The wounded were carried from the building complex. The Red cross was on the ground, but there could be no Victims, said spokeswoman Noellah Musundi, the German press Agency. This luxury hotel is close to Westgate shopping centre, where, in 2013, died in a terrorist attack at least 67 people.

+++ 14.21 PM: Turkey requests Interpol to arrest of NBA Star Kanter +++

The Turkey has been in Interpol for the arrest of the NBA star Enes Kanter has requested that the membership in the forbidden Gülen movement accused of being. The Prosecutor’s office in Istanbul have prepared a request for extradition against the 26-year-old basketball player for the New York Knicks, and requested the international police organization Interpol issuing a “Red Notice” for his arrest and extradition, reports the official news Agency Anadolu.

Enes Kanter

the fear of death and repudiation: The history of the NBA Stars who turned against Erdogan

Kanter openly to the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, the government in Ankara is accused to be behind the attempted military coup of July 2016. Due to made it possible Connections to Gulen, Turkey in 2017, said his passport was invalid, and issued an arrest warrant. At the beginning of January, Kanter said, a journey of its team to London to take part because he feared for his political stance there to be life.

+++ 14.18 PM: Explosion and gunfire in a hotel in Nairobi +++

In Nairobi, has become a Hotel and office complex to the target of an attack. Eye witnesses and journalists of the news Agency AFP reported that a violent Explosion followed by gunfire. The Explosion was so strong that she was still in the AFP office about five kilometres from the hotel. An AFP Reporter on the scene reported later that the Armed and security forces would provide an exchange of fire.

LiveImages on television showed burning cars in front of the Hotel, and shots were occasionally heard. The wounded were carried from the building complex around the Hotel Dusit. Whether it was a terrorist attack, is still unclear. The police confirmed that there was an “incident” and it was in use. This luxury hotel is close to Westgate shopping centre, where, in 2013, died in a terrorist attack at least 67 people.

+++ 13.53 PM: Ex-business partner of Bushido in the court arrested +++

After a process against him before the district court of Tiergarten in Berlin, the clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker has been arrested on an existing arrest warrant. Against Abou-Chaker, the “urgent suspicion of the appointment of a crime exists,” said the spokesman. More specifically, it involves a “concerted the abduction of minors, aggravated assault and incitement to abduction of minors”. The deeds are said to have been agreed, according to the speaker on members of the family of Bushido. As grounds for Detention, he was called escape and the risk of collusion.

Former business partner of the rapper

clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker arrested – he planned the kidnapping of hit family?

Abou-Chaker was for many years a business partner hit, atomizer ride with the Rapper. Immediately prior to the arrest of Abou-Chaker had been to court information for assault and threat to a suspended sentence of ten months condemned, but it is still quite strong. In the process before the district court concerned a dispute in the stairwell of a physiotherapy practice. Abou-Chaker is there, stabbed his victim with the fingers in the eyes and give him a broken nose added.

+++ 13.45: death of a six-year-old – suspect flees from police station +++

After the violent death of a six-year-old girl in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the suspect’s stepfather during his interrogation from the police station fled. The police searches for the 27-Year-old German. He had escaped on Monday evening, when he should be arrested, it said. Him bodily injury is alleged or death, such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said today in Neubrandenburg.

The child’s body had been found on Saturday in the apartment of the family of five in Torgelow, in Greifswald, Germany. The rescue workers had turned on the police, as in the case of the child with visible injuries to templates. At the autopsy, a forensic pathologist had found “concrete evidence on the effects of Violence against the child”, it was called by the prosecution. They did not fit to the Version from a fall down the stairs, I told the stepfather. The man had called the emergency doctor at the weekend in the apartment. He was then released with the whole family to a hearing at the police station in Pasewalk, about 15 kilometers South of Torgelow. As the policemen wanted him to hold her clues and his provisional arrest proclaimed, he fled from the area.

+++ 13.43 PM: Chancellery will be extended for 460 million euros +++

The Federal Chancellery in Berlin is to be expanded by a new building. In view of the increasing number of employees and new tasks in the Government center, the addition was necessary, said the Chancellery Minister Helge Braun. The arch-shaped office building will be built by 2028 in the so-called Chancellor Park next to the Spree river, according to plans by the architects Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank, who had already designed the main building. Also Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was inaugurated in the planning. Since 2001, the number of employees in the Chancellor’s office had risen from 410 to 750 employees, said brown. Offices are assigned twice, a lot of jobs on the other buildings has been outsourced. The project will cost at least 460 million euros. In the purpose-built new building on six floors of 400 office rooms, a Conversation, a canteen and a daycare center. The helicopter should land on a platform in a height of 22 m on the new building. In a Zusatzbau outside of the Chancellor’s parks, there should be logistics and a post office. Is planned a new pedestrian bridge over the Spree. The concrete planning will begin this year, construction is planned for 2023.

+++ 12.49 PM: Ex-President of ivory coast, the world criminal court surprisingly free +++

spoken to The world criminal court acquitted the former President of ivory coast, Laurent Gbagbo, surprisingly free. Seven years after his arrest, the judge in The Hague ordered the release of 73-year-old Ex-politician. Gbagbo had to answer for in 2016 because of the most serious crimes after the presidential election in 2010 before the International criminal court. Also, the co-defendant, former youth Minister, Charles Blé Goudé, 47, was acquitted of all charges. The prosecution had not submitted sufficient evidence, stated the judge, and instead gave a request of the defenders. The acquittal is a major setback for the prosecution. The proceedings against both accused was not yet complete. Gbagbo was the first former head of state, the world criminal court, the process had to be made. The prosecution can still appeal the decision.

+++ 12.18 PM: According to Unicef, at least 15 Syrian children have died in the freezing cold +++

In Syria, at least, died 15 small children as a result of freezing temperatures and lack of medical care. Alone in the refugee camp Rukban in the southwest of the civil war the country had come in the last four weeks, eight children were killed, most of them under four months of age, according to the children’s Fund, Unicef, in Amman. The youngest victim was only an hour old.

In the refugee camp Rukban, close to the border with Jordan, 45,000 people live cut off from the world in a desert area. The majority are women and children. Freezing temperatures and tough living conditions of vulnerable in Rukban, more and more the lives of children, said Unicef. Especially there is a lack of medical care for parturient women and newborns. In Rukban help will be needed “beyond urgent,” warned Unicef. Otherwise more children would die. It is a matter of “life and death.” Rukban is located in a rebel-controlled area. Relief shipments are due to disputes with the Syrian government is hardly in the refugee camp. Jordan has been closed after an attack on his border.

+++ 12.05 PM: German army Advisor for spying for Iran, A consultant taken +++

the Bundeswehr is suspected to have for the Iranian secret service spies. The 50-year-old German-Afghan, Abdul Hamid S. was in the Rhineland festgetaken, as the attorney General announced in Karlsruhe. S. was “highly suspicious”, the Iranian secret service. The Accused was according to the communication, the evaluator and the country of Language study Advisor to the Bundeswehr. “In this capacity, he should have knowledge to an Iranian news service,” it said. S. should still be presented to the investigating judge of the Federal court of justice. The judge should open the alleged spy of the warrant and the execution of the pretrial detention to decide.

A “mirror”report according to which S. is to have a “highly sensitive information” to the Iranian intelligence service Mois betrayed. Accordingly, the man already worked for several years for the Iranian secret service.

+++ 11.47 am: the protection of the Constitution AfD declared nationwide to test case +++

The Federal protection of the Constitution (BfV) classifies the AfD nationwide as a test case for a possible observation. A report of the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” has been confirmed to the AFP news Agency. Such a test, there are already subdivisions of the party, a decision on observation is made.

in Berlin

the protection of the Constitution AfD declared nationwide to the test case – Höcke-wings will announce to the suspected case


According to the “Tagesspiegel” wants to BfV-President Thomas Haldenwang the results of a 450-page report in Berlin today. The authority will now examine, on the basis of public Statements made by AfD members and is open to obvious Connections to the extreme-right Identity, the extent to which right-wing extremist aspirations in the party, writes the paper. The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, a step, also, in his analysis of the AfD-youth organization “Young Alternative (JA)” and the Association “The wings” as a suspected case. This is a higher level than the test case. In the case of a suspected case, messages are service agent such as a Observation and the cooperation with V-people as possible, as well as a storage of data of persons.

+++ 11.29 PM: Former cleaning lady Susanne Neumann shortly after the SPD-outlet +++

Approximately one and a half months after your departure from the SPD, the former cleaning lady Susanne Neumann died died. Neumann had succumbed on Sunday evening at the age of 59 years of cancer, shared the Building of the district Association Emscher-Lippe-Aa of the industrial Union of-Agricultural-environmental news Agency AFP, confirming a report the “West German General newspaper”. Neumann was in the Association until recently as a volunteer as Vice-chair.


las Sigmar Gabriel, the Levites: Ex-cleaning lady, Susanne Neumann is dead


Neumann, who was formerly of the left party, in 2016, the SPD occurred. Nationally known due to an appearance at an event with the then SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, denounced punchy, old-age poverty and a failure of the welfare state – and the SPD, a continuation of the Grand coalition dissuaded. At the beginning of December Neumann from the SPD, resigned. Further, they wanted to work according to “WAZ” in the “Up”movement of the left group leader Sahra Wagenknecht.

+++ 10.36 PM: heat wave – Australia-vented rivers to save fish +++

heat, drought, and about a Million dead fish – because of the unusually hot southern summer, the alarm shrill at the Australian authorities bells. You now want to pump the air into rivers, in order to increase the oxygen content of the water and to save the still living fish. At 16 locations in the Murray-Darling area ventilation would be placed in the machine, said the Minister for basic industry of the state of New South Wales, Niall Blair. The Murray-Darling basin in southeastern Australia is the largest river system of the fifth continent.

Recently, more than a Million dead fish have been found were in Menindee, approximately 1000 kilometres West of Sydney. Temperatures often over 40 degrees, accompanied by a long drought, the Murray and the Darling River so severely dried out that they flow. They are the two longest rivers in Australia, the common under-run leads in the case of Adelaide to the sea. For many years, environmentalists complain that farmers found at the headwaters of the darling to a lot of water for their cotton fields.

+++ 10.32 PM: killer of children in Iran to be executed +++

A child killer has been executed in Central Iran. Mohamed Javad S., had been kidnapped in September of last year, the five-year-old Melika first, and then killed. According to the Isna news Agency, he was executed in public today in the city flow erdschan.

In Iran, impose the death penalty, among other things, murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking in greater numbers. That is why the Islamic Republic is under massive international criticism.

+++ 10.11 PM: girls in refugee disaster off the coast of Turkey++

drowned + In the case of a Refugee tragedy in the Aegean sea drowned a little girl, while 40 people were alive to be rescued. The coast guard came to the refugees from the coastal city of Kusadasi, in the southwest of Turkey to help, as their boat on the way to the Greek Aegean Islands was Not, as the official Anatolia news Agency reported. In the vicinity, they found the lifeless body of four-year-old girl.

Since the completion of the refugee deals with the EU in March 2016, significantly fewer refugees trying to reach Turkey from the Greek Aegean Islands. The agreement provides that Syrian refugees from the Islands to be brought back to Turkey, but stuck the most because of the Congestion of the asylum authorities for months in overcrowded Camps on Lesvos, Chios, Samos, and other Islands. Nevertheless, refugees continue to try to get to the Islands, where time and again fatal accidents happen.

+++ 10.07 PM: Federal Statistical office: Lower economic growth, higher state income +++

The German government has taken in 2018 for the fifth Time in a row, more money than is spent. The Surplus amounted to 1.7 percent of gross domestic product, down from 1.0 percent in the previous year, as the Federal Statistical office in Berlin said. The German economy grew, according to the statistics Agency in 2018 and 1.5 percent. This is significantly less than 2016 and 2017, with an economic growth of 2.2 percent.

+++ 10.06 PM: “Anti-immigration industry” is word of the year 2018 +++

The “word of the year” 2018 “Anti-deportation industry”. This gave the Annualherin an independent voice critical of the Jury, the linguistics Professor Nina Janich, in Darmstadt, Germany, known. The CSU politician Alexander Dobrindt had used the term in an Interview in may. The CSU land group in the Bundestag had referred to complaints against the deportation of rejected asylum-seekers as a Sabotage of the rule of law and an “Anti-deportation industry”. Janich said, such a Speech by an important politician of a ruling party show, “how the political discourse in terms of language and in the thing to the right has postponed, and thus the predictability of rules in our democracy at serious way.”

508 various terms were received as the proposals for the non-word of the year. Only about 60 of them, however, were the criteria of the action, like Janich said. Less than 15 words have involved the Jury in the shortlist. The “word of the year” is awarded since 1991, each year, a term that would be against the “principle of the people” or against the “principles of democracy” is a violation, because he kidney social groups discrimination or “euphemistic, deceptive or misleading.” In 2016, the choice fell on “people’s traitors”, 2017 “Alternative facts”.

+++ 9.40 PM: Ritual Massenbad in the river opened the Hindu Festival “Kumbh Mela” +++

With a bath of thousands of pilgrims in the Holy of applicable waters, the largest religious Festival in the world, “the Kumbh Mela has begun,”. To be the six-week Hindu Festival at the confluence area of the Ganges and Yamuna in India, a total of approximately 120 million people expected. To accommodate the many pilgrims, a tent city was established in Allahabad in state of Uttar Pradesh. The city itself was renamed on the occasion of the Mela in October 2018 in Prayagraj. Hindus believe that a dip in the Holy waters to wash away the sins and the cycle of rebirth can stop.

the Biggest Hindi Festival in the world

ecstasy, bare skin and a bit of immortality

By Denise gods and demons fought remote wooden

One myth to have been buried in the towns of Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik drops of the “nectar of immortality” from a pitcher (“Kumbh”). The Festival will be organised at each of the four places, respectively, every twelve years. At this year’s it is a smaller version of Kumbh Mela.

+++ 9.27 PM: Effenberg resist Kretzschmar speaks: Everyone can opinion +++

say Former professional athletes have objected to the view of the former national Handball player Stefan Kretzschmar, the lack of freedom of expression in Germany. “Of course everyone can say his opinion”, – quotes the Ex-professional soccer player Stefan Effenberg. However, many had become “more cautious, because they know that what is being said through the use of digital media will spread faster.” Gymnastics-Olympic champion Fabian Hambüchen said. “I have said in my career exactly what I thought. This shows that you are allowed to say in this country, of course, his opinion – and it also should do.” Ex-tennis Pro Michael Stich, stated: “You can’t shut up and everyone should stand up for his Beliefs. Everyone has the right to Express his opinion.” The former Bundesliga coach Felix Magath believes there is a “wrong location” in Germany. “In this age of Fake News and the Power of some of the media, it is, of course, become more difficult with the opinions of others to penetrate,” said the 65-Year-old the “image”.

Kretzschmar had said that professional athletes in Germany, no company or government should have a critical opinion.

+++ 9.08 PM: Porto increase to closer to 80 cents per standard letter-possible +++

The postage increase at the Deutsche Post is now within reach. May 1. April, the prices are raised, such as a Letter from a competent regulatory authority – the bundesnetzagentur – on their Advisory Board. New Letter prices are “expected to be at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019 effective”, – said in the Letter that is available to the news Agency. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” had previously reported about it.

Concrete Figures are not included. The Federal network Agency, is only the framework. The exact postage for each letter types – whether it’s a standard letter, Maxi letter or post card sets of the Bonn group, with final approval by the Federal network Agency. According to observers, could be that the postage for a standard letter will rise from 70 to 80 cents. A spokesman for the network Agency, said that a decision on the postage increase has not yet met. “The process is not yet complete.”

+++ 9.06 PM: worker dies in 20-foot fall into the Silo +++

A worker fell in Schelklingen in Baden-Württemberg, about 20 meters deep in a Silo and died. The 64-Year-old have yesterday worked with colleagues on the Silo, informed the police in Ulm now. According to colleagues, he was overthrown “suddenly” about 20 meters deep down. Fire and rescue were able to recover the man dead from the Silo. The criminal investigation determined the cause of death.

+++ 8.51 PM: more and more German arm +++

the interest of the Germans to arm themselves, continues to rise. 31. December 2018, were in the National weapons register 610.937 owner of the so-called small arms licence reported, such as the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, citing the Federal interior Ministry reported. It was, therefore, an increase of 53.377 or 9.6 percent compared to year-end 2017. Previously, the number of small arms licences was increased significantly.

anyone Who owns a small weapons permit, may result in blank, irritant and signal weapons concealed, but only in case of emergency, to shoot. A prerequisite for the grant is that the applicant is of full age, as well as personally suitable and reliable appears. Sharp weapons are not in Germany and not Readily available. However, the number of such firearms in private hands has risen, according to the report, in 2018, and by 27,000 to just under 5.4 million in weapons and weapons parts. With 3.6 million is in the majority of cases the so-called long guns, about hunting guns, rifles and shotguns, such as the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” reported.

+++ 8.27 PM: Canada tightened up to a death sentence travel advice for China +++

The tense relationship between China and Canada has the death sentence against a suspected canadian drug smugglers continues to deteriorate. The canadian government tightened its travel advice for China, and warns that canadian citizens now, before the “arbitrary enforcement” of laws in the people’s Republic of Chinak. Canadians are asked to take special care.

A court in northeast China yesterday sentenced the 36-year-old Robert Lloyd Schellenberg to death. The judge picked up in a retrial, a judgment of November, according to Schellenberg serving a 15-year prison sentence and a fine of 150,000 Yuan (19,000 euros) should be paid.

+++ weather-Ticker +++

winter chaos

24-Year-old comes through avalanche killed – 57-Year-old

DPA +++ 8.22 PM: snow dies in the snow the case in Bavaria, after +++

a Slight sigh of Relief in the snow regions of Bavaria: By noon, meteorologists of the German weather service, expect only about five inches of new snow in the Bavarian Alps, having been there since Saturday evening up to a metre of snow has fallen. However, the snow will gone with the wind part still strong, said the DWD in the Morning. In addition, the smoothness of the threat in the night to morning in many places by snow, slush, frozen moisture, or Mature. To laste also a high weight due to the snow on trees and buildings.

+++ 7.53 PM: warning Strikes at several German airports +++

warning Strikes of security personnel at several German airports led to major disruptions in air traffic. Alone at the largest German airport in Frankfurt am Main, 610 flights were cancelled, such as an airport spokeswoman said. This corresponds to approximately every second planned flight. Overall, the security staff was called at eight German airports to work stoppages.

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