Due to a racist remark about Noah Becker on Twitter, the regional court of Berlin had committed to the AfD-politician Jens Maier, 15,000 euros for Pain and suffering to the son of tennis icon Boris Beckerzu numbers. “Of course we’ll appeal,” says now, Maier’s lawyer, Maximilian Krah, the “mirror”.

Accordingly, the decision of the competent press chamber is in many respects faulty, Krah, according to the news magazine. The amount of the mentioned sum was oversubscribed as “grotesque”. In case of doubt, you will carry the case “to the Federal court of justice”, is Maier’s lawyer quoted. According to Krah his client had taken the judgment of the district court of Berlin “with great Surprise note”.

The legal counsel of Noah Becker, a media lawyer, Christian-Oliver Moser, sees the appeal “dismissed”. “The decision of the district court is very persuasive,” said Moser, more to the news magazine.

Racist Tweet about Noah Becker

The Expression in question, on the 2. January 2018 on Maier’s Twitter Account has been distributed. In it, Noah, Becker was called “the little half-nigger”. Shortly after the publication of the Tweet was deleted. Maier have written the message itself, the AfD-politician at the time. One of his employees admitted officially, the Tweet – without Maiers Know – to have discontinued. A criminal case on suspicion of insult against Maier for the Dresden Prosecutor was, therefore, late in the summer.

advice of the party leadership

Tweet about Noah Becker: AfD warning speaks against Jens Maier from


The Becker-page requested 15,000 euros for Pain and suffering, as you can see in the Tweet is a serious violation of personality rights, and Maier as a profile owner responsible for the content. At the beginning of last week, the regional court of Berlin gave the artist the right. In the opinion of the court, which was the “mirror”, Even if the employee had written the entry, Maier. In a control he did not. “A relief opportunity is not in relation to serious violations of personality rights are possible,” quoted the news magazine from the Letter. The proliferation of severe insult to explain the amount of pain money. The economic circumstances of Becker and Maier had been taken into account, as well as the role-model function Maiers as a member of the German Bundestag.

the lawyer of The AfD-politician argued: “The German law on damages liability for the actions of third parties is foreign,” he said to the “mirror”. Why this case should be an exception, made it difficult for him not to be. It was clear, however, that the tweets constituted an insult. “This never should have happened.”

According to the news magazine Maier until 21 may. February officially go in appeal. Maier had been able to escape the possible pain and suffering payment: Becker offered him first to donate a sum of 7500 euros to a charitable organization, the civil avert a lawsuit. The politicians refused, and Becker went to court.

source: “mirror”

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