In Bavaria have infected nine hunters, apparently, with the causative agent of rabbit fever. According to information from the district administrative office Swan village the men had on 27. October, at eight bunnies shot and the animals in the port eviscerated and Packed. At least one of the animals must have worn the thus, the excitation and the hunters get infected. Eight of the men are since the 4. November at the insulation station of the Amberg hospital, confirmed the district office spokesman Hans Prechtl compared to the star. The ninth hunter was only added two days ago.

The rabbit fever is caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis. People can become infected through close contact with diseased animals or their ausssche decisions, writes the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL). As a particularly risky dealing with the carcasses, so when killed animals are eviscerated and skinned. Rabbit fever is primarily an occupational disease of hunters, but also of chefs, butchers, and veterinarians.

Bunny plague is in Germany very rare bacteria rabbit fever: Six people fall ill after harvesting.

Basically, the rabbit can be transferred to plague, but also through bites, contaminated food and dust or undercooked meat. The Robert-Koch Institute, described the grapes a few weeks ago, the first Transfer of rabbit fever by contaminated wine. The man is for the pathogen to be “very receptive,” writes the LGL. For infection, only a few germs are often necessary.

Although it only takes a few pathogen for an infection, fever, the Rabbit is also under the name tularemia – known in Germany very rare. According to the RKI each year, only a few dozen cases are reported. In the year 2017 52 people in Germany afflicted by a plague of rabbits, 13 of which are in Bavaria. The disease is compulsorily notifiable.

Bunny plague: symptoms resemble a flu –

infection shows up usually after three to ten days. The disease begins with nonspecific, flu-like symptoms such as headache and limb pain. Ill develop an ulcer at the site of entry of the pathogen. Then other symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes and chills follow.

In rodents, the disease is fatal, in humans it is treated well with antibiotics. To avoid complications, early initiation of therapy is important. The symptoms after close contact with wild animals, it is important that the doctor’s attention. If left untreated, it can also be a result of human-to-severe course with death.

To protect against the disease, the Bavarian state office recommends, to eat wild game dishes that have been well cooked and to avoid unprotected contact with wild animals or carcasses.

hunter is on the mend

At the Bavarian hunters of the hare was the plague pathogen is still not officially proven, said County office of the press Secretary Hans Prechtl. A second blood sample was currently being examined at the Robert Koch-Institute in Berlin. The suspicion on a plague of rabbits but it is “very highly”.

All the men were on the mend. The first of them will probably leave this Thursday to the hospital.


Robert Koch-Institut: for the First time, the Transmission of tularemia by grapes

described by the Bavarian state office for health and food safety: tularemia (rabbit fever or rodent plague)