Update of 14. November, 7.48 PM: children ask Yes, of course, always what you currently engaged in fact – no matter how delicate like the theme. The had to learn on Tuesday, Leroy Sané.

At the press conference before the game against Russia (Do., with us in the Live Ticker), of Leipzig, student follow up, were able to put to the left right at the beginning of a fifth-grader, a spicy question. “What do You think”, asked the student and corrected: “As you can find that Mesut Özil plays for the German national team?” Immediately Sané began to grin, paused for a Moment, looked around quizzically to Julian Brandt and Oliver Bierhoff (in addition to Manuel Neuer and Timo Werner also in the case of the PK present) and whispered something like: “Good question.”

Oliver Bierhoff, the direct question immediately caused a good mood. He hooked directly to the students: “Who is your teacher?” Then he said encouragingly to Sané, he should reply “free of the liver”.

Whether it was really “free of the liver”, is not narrated – but Sané turned, still grinning, back to the students and answered diplomatically: “For me personally, it is of course a pity, I would have liked to have played together a little bit longer with him. Especially as a footballer, but also as a good friend. Unfortunately, it is not so. But I think we still have more good players here with whom I’m also very good and much can be learned.“

Boateng on Ozil: “It is a pity that it didn’t come to that”

Update from the 9. November 2018, 20.55 PM: personally, Jerome Boateng had to fight very personal experiences with racism. Like the football players now revealed in his new Lifestyle magazine, “Boa”, said xenophobia in his Childhood in Berlin.

Accordingly, he was even spat upon: “I remember a Cup game at the Köpenicker SC. Since the father has come from any player on our page, and insulted me the whole time. Eventually, I started to cry.“ Today he had to show that there is still a lot to endure. Therefore, he would be in Bundesliga stadiums more frequently with monkeys are confronted with.

Update from the 9. November 2018, 10.29 PM: Jerome Boateng has said in his new Lifestyle magazine “Boa” of personal experiences with racism. Shockingly, he has to beat up today again and again with the hostility around, as he reported. The defensive player from Bayern Munich was also dealing with the debate on the now-retired national team player Mesut Ozil during the world Cup. “After the tournament, it was clear to me that we will do the Team a lot more for Mesut and for us publicly for it strongly can make,” said Boateng. “It is a pity that it is not.”

Özil had declared its withdrawal from the DFB-Eleven, among other things, that he had not protected in the Wake of the affair to his photos with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by the DFB before the racist accusations and the scapegoat for the early exit From the world Cup in the summer in Russia stamped felt.

In contrast to the DFB-Team had started the team of Sweden for the racially insulted Jimmy Durmaz an action on Facebook. “What have they done to Sweden, was really strong,” said Boateng. “I had goose bumps. The many other found in our Team top.“ DFB-internally, there were no such Considerations for Özil. “Unfortunately,” says Boateng. “And then we played again.” Only after the From the national team at the world Cup, and Özil-vortex he had realized, “that we can do the Team a lot more for Mesut. It is a pity that it has come to this”.

Mesut Ozil speaks about his interaction with critics

Update from the 9. November 2018, 10.29 am: Mesut Özil polarized, with experts and Fans alike – and not only since his much-discussed retirement from the German national team. Some consider him one of the best footballers of our time, the other as perhaps the most overrated Pro in the world. For this purpose, the midfielder has expressed to the player of Arsenal London in an Interview.

“I know that there are people who like me and who don’t like me,” said Mesut Özil to the English Daily Mail: “it’s the life. But for me it is important what the people in my close environment say. I don’t care what people outside think of it. It has no influence on me.“

criticism he suppose only certain people, he continues: “If the coaches or people in my close environment, saying: ‘Mesut, you have to have this or do that’, I hear. I’ll take it and work on it. But I don’t listen to what others have to say. This doesn’t affect me really at all.“

Özil was criticized, especially after the resignation from the national team fierce, but also to be “lethargic, aimless Occur, there were often” on the lawn will be addressed. In this season, it’s been going very well for the 30-Year-old, in the eleven games he has scored four goals and put on a.

Mesut Özil: outburst after replacing coach remains calm

Update vom 29. October 2018: Mesut Özil is not necessarily as the player is known, the shows are always exuberant emotions. At noon on Sunday, but his anger exploded when former national team players. The reason for this was Özil at the small London Derby between his FC Arsenal at Crystal Palace (2:2) in the 68. Minute prematurely from the field. Özil’s football shirt reaction: reluctantly, he gave her a high five with head coach Unai Emery and the way pfefferte then his gloves, before he settled on the Bank.

“It is not normal to be happy,” said Emery later relaxed. “I like players like him, the character of the show, if you have not played well.” When Mesut went to Özil from the field it had been standing still 2:1 for Arsenal, but Luka Milivojevic possible for Palace in the 83. Minute. So Arsenal win serial crack after eleven games. A torrid day for Özil.

Özil mocked critics: “I’m only laughing about it”

Update vom 26. October 2018: soccer Star Mesut Ozil mocked his critics. “I’m only laughing about it,” said the former German national team player in an Interview with Sky Sports UK. The 30-Year-old is sure: “Either people like me or not. I am not the Youngest, but I started with 16 or 17 to play professionally and it went up and down.“

The former national player will not let stop cold lots of criticism, you influence him. “I only listen to my coaches and people who tell me things straight in the face. So, of course, if I play bad, I know, so how do I know if I play well,“ said Özil.

For the former professional of Real Madrid, the opinion of the Coach is in the foreground. The Coach could help in case of problems, always. “But when people talk just bad about me, to be in the newspaper, then I know, and it doesn’t interest me.”

His desire to win he has in the blood, highlighting Özil. “I always have Motivation, particularly prior to the Games – I want to win all the games, and I hate to lose, even in Training, I am aggressive, because I always want to win.” In July, he had explained to his career in the national team after 92 appearances.

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Özil mourns the loss of friend – Emotional Post after death

Update from the 24. October 2018, 12.10 PM: That Mesut Özil has a heart for his Fans, is known. The world champion of 2014 has been asked time and again for his generosity and his compassion. During his time at Arsenal, the midfielder met a little boy named Charlie. The Gunners Supporter, sadly passed away from cancer. Özil posted this on Instagram three photos with the Fan.

check out this post on Instagram

Search sad news to hear that my friend and huge @Arsenal supporter Charlie has passed away after his long battle with cancer. Rest in peace! We want to height miss you so much, Charlie ❤

A contribution Özil (@m10_official) divided by Mesut on Oct 23, 2018 at 11:58 am PDT

Özil wrote: “It is sad news that my friend and a big Arsenal Fan Charlie has died after his long fight against cancer. Rest in peace, we will miss you very much, Charlie.“ At the end of the 30-Year-old also added a heart.

spell-Özil breaks checked on me-record – best German in the Premier League history

Update vom 23. October 2018, 8.24 PM: What is Mesut Özil was criticised for his performances at the world Championships in Russia. Racism vorwüfe compared to the DFB, led him to his resignation from the national team. In the Premier League, however, the 30-Year-old recently showed good performances. Also as a captain. The 3:1 win against Leicester City Özil grew up now, literally. Dream – and the combination of football par excellence. The first goal he scored himself, the third he prepared, and also on the second goal, the midfield was involved-the Star of the “Gunners”. And as if the evening for Özil wasn’t already perfect enough, he broke also another record of his former world Cup Coach Jürgen Klinsmann. With his 30. Premier League matches are outdated Özil Jürgen Klinsmann and Uwe Rösler (both 29 goals) and is now the best German Premier League history. On his Twitter Account Özil was excited about the evening and described the performance of Arsenal as “sexy”.

consultant of Mesut Özil out again: “The Wicked are sitting in the Association”

The adviser of Mesut Özil, Erkut Sogut, has re-issued once. As we know, Sogut is a man of honest words. Some of the statements made by him to sit up and take notice. At the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düssesldorf he held, according to a report, the image of a lecture and went out to the clubs.

“I have never understood why clubs advisors need. The consultants have the license to represent players, can also be represented by associations. There are also consultants that have no players. Just knowing the right people in the club. It is said repeatedly that the consultants are the Bad guys. I guarantee you: The Evil sitting in the club!“, so Sogut.

The adviser explains his opinion: “There are bad consultants, but there will be as long as the people cooperate in the Clubs with these consultants. If the people in the Clubs do not bring in these consultants, then there’s the also. The but don’t want to – some of the sports Directors, some of the Chairman of the Board. In need of the consultants. For what?“, ask Sögut.

He leads Kick his Reflections at the sample-to-Back transactions (Association Manager to pay money to agents and let the Private account from flow): “The need to earn money. Why are there no regulations which say that If someone deserves to be in the club by Kick-Backs, he will be excluded for life from working in Clubs. There’s not even any Association of legal penalties, however, if a Director of sports of money from a game Advisor to collect.“

exactly How this happens, he told the students in Düsseldorf. “The money flows out of the Association Fund, to the Advisor, then there’s accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands, and then the money flows back. This is the reality! The clubs make big money, not the consultant. The clubs have fear, when you talk about it“, so Sogut indignant.

Arsène Wenger advises the DFB, Mesut back Özil

Update vom 17. October, 10.24 PM: Mesut Özil played for around five years under the direction of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. The Coach left the Gunners in the summer of 2018 after 22 years. With a view on the Ozil affair to his resignation from the German national team, the Frenchman did not want to interfere. “This is more political than athletic,” said Wenger in an Interview with Sport Bild. “Very sensitive between Turks and Germans. Özil is not a super football player, was the Worst at the world Cup. I loved that he stopped at the DFB. The German respect for what he has done.“

Wenger is of the opinion that the former Bremen and Schalke to continue his DFB career would have been, “because a little piece of Motivation disappears, if you know that you will not must be willing for WM and EM. I love it when the player is as good as possible. If he is not playing at the international level, lost a bit of it.“ Wenger goes even further: “I believe that Germany needs Özil. I hope Löw can convince him that he’s coming back.“

it is a fact that Özil had left a back door for a DFB-Comeback open. He no longer wanted to play for the national team, as he can sense the feeling of racism. National coach Joachim Löw, however, had ruled out a return, özil’s football shirt especially after the, until now, not successful contact with the Arsenal-professional.

Mesut Özil responds to the DFB on the birthday Post and send a greeting to the Team

Update from the 16. October, 8.24 am: Mesut Özil has seen the birthday greetings from the DFB and responded to it. He turned to the team and “success” for the game against France wished for.

+ © Screenshot Mesut Özil Story Instagram

Achtung Satire! fnp.de* has a little fun and a tongue-in-cheek insight into Reinhard Grindels Smartphone.

“hypocrites” Shitstorm for the DFB after the birthday greeting to Mesut Özil

Update from 15. October, 16.10

the DFB as well. Regardless of the history of the last months of the German football Association, Ex-national player Mesut Özil congratulated via Twitter on 15.10. happy birthday – and received promptly, a small Shitstorm.

is Always in the comments of the User under the Post of “hypocrites”. A User refers to the greeting as “embarrassing”, another as “pathetic”.

Özil had declared after the disastrous preliminary rounds of the German national team at the world Championships in Russia, his retirement, and in addition, racism-allegations. On the back cover on the part of the Association of the now 30-Year-old was waiting at that time in vain.

Earlier, the Arsenal Star with a picture on which he is in conjunction with national players Ilkay Gündogan and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had made for great excitement.

Mesut Özil is 30 years old: the DFB wishes a happy birthday

Update from 15. October, 10.57 am: Mesut Özil has on 15. October Birthday. Exactly 30 years ago, the world champion of 2014 saw the light of the world. As it should be, of course, that the DFB congratulates the exception of a footballer for the day of rejoicing.

“Happy Birthday, world champion,” said the DFB, and marked the official Twitter page-Year of the now-30 -. On this Account his resignation in a multi-part Post announced Özil at that time.

goalkeeper-legend Uli Stein poisoned against Mesut Özil

Update from 13.10. 2018 17.00

under the Motto ‘everything was better’ has Ex-national goalkeeper Uli Stein to completely blow to today’s generation of players in Pro-football. In an Interview with the IMAGE gets.em Ex-national player Mesut Özil to be fat. On the question of whether he would have taken the Arsenal Star with the 2018 world Cup in Russia, etched in stone: “no, I would not have taken Gündogan. Özil has done in the last few years, nothing at all in the national team. It has to be seen also in the world Cup. He took the game and slowly made.“

But that’s enough. Also on the way of özil’s football shirt withdrawal stone is not a good hair. “I know that the Statement is not written by him. He has written one of his advisors,” the Ex-goalkeeper, capped in his active career, among other things, for the HSV and Eintracht Frankfurt: “I don’t think Özil know what is in his Statement. That’s why he avoids any comment.“

Özil had declared his resignation from the DFB-Team on its Social Media channels on Twitter and Instagram.

Uli Stein attacked by Loris Karius: “I can only laugh”

The 29-Year-old, however, is not the only German player, the stone to the chest. Goalkeeper Loris Karius made use of in the Champions League final in 2018 in the Jersey of Liverpool FC, two catastrophic failures, be it “post is probably more important, beautiful pictures on Instagram and Facebook to bring performance on the court.” The diagnosis that Karius, who is currently on loan to Beşiktaş of Istanbul, during the Finals against Real Madrid have suffered a concussion in a challenge with Sergio Ramos, was even “worse than his goof”. “I can only laugh. This is something I’ve heard in my entire life,“ said stone.

Overall, the pros of today for the Ex-goalkeeper to be “men”, but “wimps”.

Özil is streaming live on the Internet – why he was always irritated

Update from 12.10. 2018 12.19 PM

Ex-national player Mesut Özil seems to have a new Hobby. The Star of the Arsenal FC went under the gambling! More precisely, game-Streamer even said so under the video. On Thursday evening, he left his Fans for the first Time via the Live-Streaming video portal “Twitch” to be a part of, as he fights his way through virtual worlds.

And Özil not gambled, as you might expect for a professional footballer perhaps, the new FIFA 20. No, his game of choice is: Fortnite! The Survival Game, came in the summer of last year, and has now triggered an international Hype. In June, the developer of “Epic Games announced” that, in the free Battle Royal mode, in the meantime, more than 125 million players have been confirmed.

see also: striker puts himself in front of the BVB-Star: “Götze is done very much wrong”

Mesut Özil: gambling Session with Fortnite in Instagram

Already in the run-up to Özil was announced on Twitter and Instagram its Fortnite. announced Over two hours you could watch on Twitch Özil both in front of the camera as well as its Gaming Screen live.

And the German had a lot of fun. Sometimes irritated, sometimes in a state of great excitement he called out to his teammates again and again commands. A newcomer to the Fortnite world, it seems the 29-Year-old, who after his retirement from the national team during the international break obviously time for new Hobbies to.

the Extent to which Özil his Gaming career will continue, remains to be seen. However, his Fans must have no fear to miss the football player in front of the Screen. His future performances will Özil will most likely share it on their Social Media channels.

News from 11.10. 2018 15.51 PM

“I was like a lot of other people are also surprised that he has kept his Job. He has long worked with the Team. Sometimes it just works, if someone is so long with a team as he is,” said the former national team captain Ballack of the German wave.

Ultimately, Löw for the Failure was to blame and should be “professional enough” to draw the right consequences for his own future, added Ballack: “It was quite obvious that some players were at the height of. And you could see it before, that one or more of the positions were not occupied to the optimum. Therefore, the managers should assess whether Löw is still the right man for the job.”

Ballack criticised the DFB-top: “is not a real analysis”

Ballack (42) also criticized the approach of the DFB-tip to President Reinhard Grindel, Löw hasty confidence. “The world Cup was a big disappointment, and there were reasons for that. You should seriously analyze and say, ‘We analyze’, while, in truth, already decided on the Trainer. This is not a real analysis,” he said.

After Ballacks opinion has also contributed to the affair and the photos of the national team players Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gündogan with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan their part to the world Cup in the preliminary round. “Nobody needs something like that in front of a world Cup,” he said. Ballack recommended Özil to focus on the Arsenal FC. Footballers should “make headlines on the field, not off it”.

Ballack was in 2002, Vice-champion of the world, and from 2004 to 2010, captain of the national team. He departed in discord from the DFB-selection, after Löw had transferred to the office of the captain to Philipp Lahm.

and Finally, On this new addition to Fortnite for Android players have been waiting for a long time.


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