A mysterious missing person’s case has since the days of the Munich police, and all who know the Missing. Just a week ago, the 41-year-old Munich native Maria Gertsuski and their 16-year-old daughter Tatiana Gertsuski left their Apartment in the ottobrunner Straße in the Munich district of Ramersdorf-Perlach. Your goal: only a few Blocks away, a shopping centre in Neuperlach. According to police, the two were last Saturday, 13. July, against 14 clock. But no one can tell you whether you have reached the shopping centre, nor anyone knows where the two are staying now. Because of the mother and the daughter Gertsuski each track is missing since then.

The Munich police takes the case very seriously, and commented on it currently, however. To “Focus online,” a spokeswoman said only that there have been no arrest in the case. Maria and Tatiana Gertsuski apply, the information to be very reliable. That they disappear without notice just from the picture, is regarded as “extremely unusual behavior”. The police has announced a public investigation; a friend of the 16-year-old Missing persons has published a private Fahndungsauf on Facebook. But still each track is missing.

Munich police force no longer believe in missing person’s case

according to media reports, is the last secure reference to the two according to witness a Whatsapp message from Tatiana to Friends report well. This is to date of 12 noon on the last Saturday. A little later, the two should not be more then on their phones. The devices were apparently turned off and it should still be. As the Munich “evening paper” reported, not more suggest family members and friends as a very bad sign that Mary Gertsuski, which comes from Russia, according to your father. The elderly man is very sick and alone, live in Moscow. Maria Gertsuski reporting actually every day with her father.

Missing 15-Year-old

case Rebecca at aktenzeichen XY: police searched area in the state of Brandenburg

The police suspected that it is a missing person’s case. “We go out of a violent offence,” said a police spokesman. A homicide has taken up the investigation, such as the Munich media was confirmed. Previously, the man, the lives of the two Missing, and the neighbors were, once again, been questioned. According to reports, the forensics determined in the apartment; the results, nothing was so far known to the public.

Meanwhile, the search for Maria and Tatiana Gertsuski continues unabated. Notes to the police can be made by phone under the number 089/2910-0 or on a reference form given in the Internet.

sources: police in Munich, “evening news,” “Focus online”, Bayerischer Rundfunk

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