Russian President Vladimir Putin today in front of local and foreign journalists, the balance of the year. His spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in advance, both politically and economically, Russia will have to contend with a “hostile international economy”.

the Russian President has brought to the expiry of the end of the year successes, such as his re-election in March or the football world Cup in Russia. At the same time, the increase in the retirement age has registered to him a lot of criticism.

The press conferences the end of the year usually last for several hours. According to the Kremlin, a record number of 1700 journalists registered this Time. At the beginning of Putin a short outline of the situation of the Nation, before he began to answer the questions of the journalists. Here, we summarize Putin’s most important statements during his press conference:

The economic situation in Russia

Putin is sees a positive development of the economy of his country. The real income of the population started to increase in 2018, for the first time again, of 0.5 percent, said Putin on Thursday in Moscow at the beginning of his annual press conference. The gross domestic product (GDP) grew in the first ten months of 1.7 per cent. For the full year, a growth of 1.8 percent is expected. The annual inflation rate is expected to be 4.1 per cent, slightly higher than expected, said the Kremlin chief.

Putin wants to see his country among the world’s five strongest economies. “The most Important thing is that we must economically come into a new League,” he said. “Given the size of the economy, we could play very well in fifth place,” Putin said. “And I think we are going to do.” Russia need a “breakthrough” in the case of technological innovations. “Without that, our country has no future”, – said the Russian President.

return to socialism?

Russia will not return to the words of Putin to socialism. Economically, the socialist System has led into the cul-de-SAC, said the Kremlin chief. But individual elements, such as the “equitable distribution of resources” or welfare for the poor part of the population be the aim of his policy. “A socialization, in this sense, there will be,” Putin said.

The day before, was not published in Moscow conducted a survey, according to the desire of the Russians after the 1991 dissolved the Soviet Union, with 66 percent as high as for over ten years. Regrets will hear in the first place, the loss of a large economic area, in the second place, the lost feeling, a super suit power, determined by the independent Lewada Institute for public opinion research.

The risk of nuclear war

Putin has warned of the growing danger of a nuclear war. “If, God forbid, something like this happens, it can lead to the destruction of the entire civilization, if not of the whole planet,” he said. The responsibility for the growing danger he saw on the part of the United States, the major arms control had terminated contracts. Russia intends to keep up with new weapons just for the balance. “Only the Balance, to provide for our security,” Putin said.

worrying is that in the military plan, the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons is declining. Dangerous for US to be-to assemble the plans, ICBMs with conventional warheads. So stay for the opponent it is unclear how he should react.

The US military withdrawal from Syria

The announcement by US President Donald Trump to the US troop withdrawal from Syria, Putin welcomed. The US decision was “correct,” Putin said. However, Russia still see no “signs” for the US withdrawal.

the relationship with The Ukraine

Putin does not believe that the relations with the neighboring country of Ukraine will normalize in the foreseeable future. “As long as in the Kiev days Russophobe seats, which put the interests of their own people, will change the Situation, no matter who sits in the Kremlin,” he said. Putin made again in the Ukraine responsible for the conflict. Kiev sees the fault, however, in the case of Moscow.

Putin said his country was interested in peace and prosperity in the Ukraine, the neighboring country is one of the largest economic partners. The volume of trade between the two countries had increased recently. Russia had annexed in 2014, the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea. Many countries see it as a violation of international law.

tkr / DPA / AFP

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