for the First time, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj and Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin have led to a common conversation about the bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine. In the phone call, it went also to the situation in the Donbass, told the Kremlin on Thursday evening in Moscow.

this Friday, Russia and the Ukraine, France and Germany meet in Paris on consultant level, to talk about a solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

had It been in the conversation is the continuation of the work in the so-called Normandy Format will be discussed, it said further. Specifically, it went to settlement issues in the conflict zone of Ukraine and the return of residents. In addition, the issue of the prisoner exchange be discussed had been, it was said in the message of the Kremlin. The Initiative for the interview came after the Kremlin-information from Kiev.

From the Ukrainian side there were initially no details of the conversation content. It is the first contact between the two presidents was. Putin had congratulated Selenskyj so far, once to his office.

Previously proposed Selenskyj a Meeting with Putin. The Kremlin chief did not exclude this, but stressed that this needs to be well prepared. A summit with the state peaks in the so-called Normandy Format-with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron could, therefore, only after the parliamentary elections in Ukraine on may 21. July to take place, he said. At the same time it is possible to expand the circle of participants, had Putin said on Thursday. He was responding to a proposal Selenskyjs, had proposed direct negotiations in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, to for more than five years of ongoing conflict.

in Minsk under the German and French mediation agreement negotiated by 2015 has so far brought, however, unlikely to succeed. Therefore, Selenskyj proposed now, the United States and the UK to integrate.

Selenskyj had announced to end the war in Eastern Ukraine as soon as possible. The parliamentary election in just over a week will be crucial for the government’s ability to Pro-European politician, as his party is not yet represented in the Parliament and he must create his own power base.

Since 2014 controlled parts of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk on the Russian border by the separatists. In the case of Fighting with government estimates, there are around 13 000 people have been killed by troops, according to UN.

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