Bad Vilbel: nine-year-old distributed savings of the parents

A creative idea, his pocket money, had at the weekend, a nine-year-old from the Hessian town of Bad Vilbel. As the “Frankfurter Rundschau” reported: first, walked the Boy in the neighborhood, door-to-door, and claimed to have currency notes found that he wanted to give back. As a supposedly honest wage hoping to find a appropriate find. While some of the neighbors slipped a few euros, called the police, because to him the thing seemed strange. The officials found the Small bag with approx. 2700 euros – as he himself admitted, the entire savings of his parents. It turned out that the Boy had already been distributed to 260 Euro among the neighbors. The recipients of the Tickets will be asked the parents to return the money.

Flensburg, Germany: a Truck driver after the death of 14-Year-old

condemned, It was a tragedy on the first school run after the summer holidays: After the death of a 14-year-old cyclist in a Cornering accident in Flensburg, a truck driver has been sentenced to probation. The district court acquitted him on Monday of negligent homicide not guilty. According to the verdict, the now 54-Year-old had been overlooked in the year 2017, with the priority to eligible students during the Turn and run over. The judge looked at it, the judgment established that the truck driver can avoid the deadly accident with the twelve-tonner. The man was sentenced to imprisonment eight months, suspended on probation.

At the red light, the man had not taken according to the verdict, is sufficient on the bike path. And as the light turns Green jumped, and he wanted to turn, was he not groping and ready to brake in the intersection to be retracted. The Boy who was on the first day of school after the summer holidays, on the way to school, in vain to Dodge attempts, said the judge. He was run over by a truck. He died on the afternoon of the same day in hospital of his injuries.

king of winter: a Fatal Truck accident, problems with rescue alley

with two semi-trailers collided in the Morning on the A3 in rush-hour traffic, the driver of a passenger Car. Between seven mountains and the junction Bonn/Siegburg, he drove, according to police – apparently with a high rate of speed on a Truck. Of this he bounced off and was clipped in the result of another Truck. Ultimately, the car came to the guard rail. Rescuers were able to retrieve the driver’s only dead from the completely destroyed car. Like a fire brigade spokesman said there had been even more problems with the emergency lane. “It didn’t work. Various vehicles were in the way,” said the spokesman.

Mörfelden: Drunk driver with a fire extinguisher

attacked Because it was allegedly too fast, attacked a drunk passenger on Sunday the driver of the ICE and forced to Stop. As the Federal police announced, proposed to the 30-Year-old with a fire extinguisher, the glass door to the leader, whereupon the driver Mörfelden the ICE in the direction of Paris is already at the station-Walldorf – only a few minutes after the departure at the Frankfurt main train station – stopped. He suffered a shock – the about 400 passengers had to continue their travel in other trains. A Patrol car of the police took the aggressive man from Heidelberg finally. A breath akoholtest gave a value of 1.73 ppm. The Federal police initiated an investigation against him for dangerous interference in rail transport, as well as property damage and assault.

Fulda: woman brings Baby to the edge of the road to the world

Something in a hurry, the offspring of a pair that was on Sunday on the way to the hospital had it. The parents-to-be parked their car in the German company called Hünfeld on the roadside and informed the ambulance. While police officers guided traffic at the car in the small family over, the little Boy came to the world. According to the police, his parents gave him the name of Felix. “So Happy – that fits,” said a police spokesman. The 28-year-old mother, and the child is well. Also the father got through the exciting use good.

Möckbühl: sports car rolls over, driver dead

On the A81 motorway in the vicinity of Heilbronn, Germany, came on Sunday evening, the driver of a sports car were killed. As reported by the police, the 46-Year-old is at the height Mockbühl in the direction of Würzburg with his Porsche into a Spin, the car overturned and remained on the roof lie. The emergency doctor could not help the man – he died still at the accident scene. Why he lost control of his car, was initially unclear.

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