More than a hundred of the lungs specialists doubt the health Benefits of the current limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxides (NOx). You can see there is currently no scientific rationale to justify the limits, as it is said in a statement.

So many studies to show hazards due to air pollution would have significant weaknesses. In addition, data had been in the past, one-sided interpretation. The lung experts therefore demand that the relevant investigations be re-evaluated. First of all, the North German radio and the “world report” about the topic.

The experts, including against a position paper of the German society for pneumology and respiratory medicine (DGP), which had been published by the end of 2018. It stated: “studies show that fine particulate pollution by agriculture, industry and transport is harmful to health.” In addition, regulations and incentives for pollution avoidance are required. Now it is on the part of the DGP, the current opinion will be considered “as the impetus for the necessary research activities and critical Review of the impact of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter”.