In the affair of the election campaign donations from Switzerland has transmitted to the AfD in the Bundestag may, in Parts, incorrect donor list. A corresponding suspicion, the competent public Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz.

Previous questioning had confirmed “beyond a reasonable doubt, that the people, in fact, the alleged donor,” said state attorney Andreas Mathy the German press Agency.

Earlier, it was confirmed by Mathy this is the “mirror” in the same wording. A further indication of the spokesman for the Konstanz Prosecutor’s office refused having regard to the ongoing investigation. Searches of the “mirror” and “Report Mainz,” according to the alleged patrons of the AfD have disputed to have the party of money donated. “Rather, they had given only their names,” reported “Spiegel Online”.

The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz, is investigating the AfD group’s boss, Alice rye and three other members of their district Association at the lake of Constance because of the suspicion of a violation of the party law. The party had confirmed in November 2017 to around 130,000 euros were transferred from a Swiss pharmaceutical company in several tranches at the AfD-kreisverband lake Constance. The money was paid back according to the figures, in the spring of 2018. Donations of Non-EU citizens to German political parties are illegal. The AfD was submitted to the Bundestag administration recently, the name of 14 German and other EU citizens to stand behind the benefits.

For ryegrass is the timing of this revelation is unfavorable – in front of the Congress, your national Association this weekend. A spokesman for Weidels said: “There is the impression that the party was contaminated account of the district Association, targeted to harm a woman ryegrass and the AfD is compacted.” Rye itself does not want to comment with a view to the ongoing investigation of the allegation.

A spokesman for the AfD did not want to comment on the specific allegations. “This is a formal procedure, that is up to the Bundestag administration. To do this, we can say nothing more,” he told the German press Agency in Berlin.

The Deputy FDP Chairman and German Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki called on the AfD to be more transparent. “The suspicion of money laundering is the case of the AfD-party, donations are always clearer in the room,” he said the Newspapers of the “Funke MEDIENGRUPPE”. The AfD could face “less and less to the accused of being the Fifth column of someone”. Kubicki, emphasized: “Now it is no longer only for Alice ryegrass very closely. The entire party leadership, which has approved the wrong information, you must now make their knowledge and skills transparent.”