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Propulsion became the Horse of the Year

Propulsion became the choice when the Horse of the Year for 2019 was selected at the Horse Gala on the Waterfront in Stockholm during Friday night. It was the merits of major victories in races such as Åby Stora Pris, Norrbotten’s Stora Pris, Olympiavavet and the Trotting Masters final, which weighed heavily in the vote on the prestigious award. – I’m so damn happy for Proppens sake. Sure I’m happy for my prize, but when my horses get awards – then I get moved, says Daniel Redén on the phone from France where he is with Propulsion.

Propulsion is trained by Daniel Redén, run by Örjan Kihlström and managed by Ellinor Wennebring. A trio who had a great gala evening together: Daniel Redén was named Coach of the Year, Örjan Kihlström picked up the award for this year’s Kusk and Ellinor Wennebring was celebrated together with Emelie Hillås by Stig H Johansson with his own nursing scholarship.

The Swedish trotting sport is full of talent and promising young people. In 2019, Emilia Leo reached the first woman over 100 wins with her 118 finishes. That gave her Helen Ann’s Award and Mattias E Djuse was voted up to Comet of the Year and Daniel Wäijersten was awarded the Jim Fricks Prize after an impressive year-end.

Readly Express, which started the season so strongly, became what for the Elder of the Year and in the young horse categories, Revelation, Power and Attraversiamo topped the victories in the biggest classic races that usually proved to weigh heavily in the vote. Björs Frej became Cold Blood of the Year. On the montage side, the successful ship team Laydyofthelake, Lise-Lotte Nyström and Anna Erixon were noted.

Laureates of the Horse Gala 2020

Horse of the Year: Propulsion
YEAR-three-year-: Power
YEAR OLDER: readly Express
YEAR STO: Activated
YEAR cold blood: Björs Frey
YEAR KUSK: Orjan Kihlström
YEAR COACH: Daniel Reden
Year’s Comet: Mattias E Djuse
JIM FRICKS PRIZE: Daniel Wäijersten
SWEDISH TRAVSPORTS MOUNTING PRIZE: Laydyofthelake, Lise-Lotte Nyström, Anna Erixon
STIG H: S CAREER SCHOLARSHIP: Ellinor Wennebring, Emelie Hillås
THE BREEDER OF THE YEAR: Ronny & Vanja Olofsson

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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