countries-opening clause in the land tax reform or not? Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants a Federal regulation.

And the countries? The German press Agency asked. Pros and cons of going cross-country series. At the party affiliation which can be certainly not. In a number of countries doubt whether opening clauses of the Constitution could be regulated.

– Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) had already made early against the Scholz-plans mobile. Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU) confirmed now, the Bavarian claim to a comprehensive country-opening clause. A comprehensive opening-up clause did not satisfy the Express requirement of the Union faction in the Bundestag. And also in the Federal Cabinet approved the draft law of Scholz have a majority. Bayern as am so not alone.

– BADEN-württemberg Greens, Winfried Kretschmann, the Minister expressed himself totally opposed to, but explained in the beginning of April, it was hopeless to get in the waistband for country-specific clauses, the necessary two-thirds majority to the Amendment of the basic law. Finance Minister Edith Sitzmann (Green) now know: “For Baden-Württemberg is in the first place, to get the cities and municipalities, the property tax.” Whether Baden-Württemberg would make use of opening clauses in use, left open in the Ministry.

– SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN’s CDU-led “Jamaica”-government rejects, however, opening clauses. “What we need in the case of the property tax, is a Federal solution and not a patchwork of different tax models,” said Secretary of state Udo Philipp to the of the Green-led Ministry of Finance. Similar was expressed by Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU).

the three city-States are opposed to an opening clause. Bremen’s Finance Senator, Karoline Linnert (Green) inform the government of the city-state would not make use of it.

– And also Berlin’s Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) rejected an opening clause. He argued that the question of touch “on the foundations of the state of understanding of the Federal Republic of Germany as cooperative federalism. Our financial constitutional law is based, not on a competitive federalism. Who wants to deviate from them, is only directed at strengthening the Position of the Stronger.” The majority of the countries have moved already to a common model.

Hamburg’s Senator of Finance Andreas Dressel (SPD) relies on a compromise between the Federation and the länder as well as at the common law. With the value-based model of Ex-mayor Scholz you are not in Hamburg, but still happy. In the major cities, sharp rise in property prices would have to be incorporated mitigated in the calculation of the tax, called Dressel. In view of the Federal constitutional court specified time frame Dressel called for a rapid agreement. Fail, “can’t we all share responsibility, together, as political leaders in the Federal government and the States.”

The Federal constitutional court had demanded due to obsolete bases a new system of property tax by the end of 2019. Currently, land values are from 1935 in the East, and from 1964 to be used in West Germany. The property tax is 13 to 15 billion euros per year, one of the most important sources of income for the municipalities.

– Also in SAXONY-Anhalt Minister of Finance, André Schröder (CDU), was open to country-specific regulations. Opening clauses have to be from the Federal government regulated by law, it was said in the Ministry. Country-specific differences could imagine the Minister, for example, in the determination of the Tax measures, it said.

Thuringia’s Finance Minister Heike Taubert (SPD) rejected an opening clause. She has doubts that the opening clause is constitutionally permissible.

The red-red-ruled BRANDENBURG rejects an opening clause for the property tax. “We are opposed to the opening clause and the Bavarian greed, because the door would be opened, that the basic device tax in jeopardy,” said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Finance. You with carrying the Scholz model.

Saxony’s CDU Minister of Finance Matthias Haß argued: “In the opening clause, you have to differentiate. Under this keyword, the maximum of different things are discussed. For a country opening the Control measures that help to determine the amount of the property value, I am generally very open. The situation is different in the case of a country opening up to the basis of valuation, because this represents, ultimately, the meaning of a Federal statutory scheme in question.”

North RHINE-Westphalia’s Finance Minister Lutz Lienenkämper (CDU) is shown for both possibilities open. He said the new rules needed to administer, in any case, “well, revenue-neutral and fair”. If a Constitution-compliant countries-opening clause should be included, “I can’t imagine that this circumstance would lead to the rejection of the law by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.”

HESSE does not want to lock in the debate to Reform the estate tax against an opening clause. “If the opening clause is a means to get the present mainly at the Federal level, any differences from the previously arg rocky road of Reform of the property tax, then I’m not against it,” said Finance Minister Thomas Schäfer (CDU).

Scholz wants to give the largest German cities, a ten percent surcharge to the property tax, good and poor residential areas into account. Affected cities with more than 600 000 inhabitants. As the Ministry of Finance announced on Thursday, means of these Supplement with no more stress of cities. “We set a clear target of the Federal constitutional court that the reason taxes must be made on the basis of realistic values.” The municipalities are entitled, the total revenue from the property tax should not be changed.