New excitement in the case of Ruch: The dispute between the interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer, and the Federal centre for political education (BpB) the ban on speaking to the artist at the Congress for political education, the stock seems to already longer. The explanation is since Saturday on the website of the Association for political education (but to) online. The clear message: The but to is the decision of the BpB and the Ministry of the interior to be dissatisfied. In addition, it is clear that the projection of Ruch, who learned only in the week prior to the Congress in March of his speech, ban was already decided in mid-February by the Federal Ministry of the interior decided.

Congress of political education

Ministry prevents speech of artists: SPD-politicians submit letter to Seehofer and protest

“The Federal Executive of the but to was at 11.02. informed that Dr. Philipp Ruch Ministry (BMI) from the Federal Congress by the center for political beauty on the instructions of the Federal Political education”, – said in the Saturday statement published. The organizers of the but to had been involved at any time in the decision to outreach. “We consider this approach to be inappropriate”, the Association’s Board.

decision-Philipp Ruch unload: organizers resisted

The co-organisers would have at 13. 15. February again in emails against the Ministry of the interior and the BpB, it simmers still. However, even after the objections of the but to the Ministry of the interior stuck to his decision, and Ruchs invitation was withdrawn. In the Statement of the Association will also be discussed. “Mr. Ruch is seen as a controversial public figure, was already known, as he was invited,” write the organizers of the Congress. The BpB refers to the star, however, the fact that the invitation in the “ongoing quality assurance processes,” has been withdrawn.

“center for political beauty”

the artist in education speak in Congress, but the Ministry of the interior prohibits appearance

The Ministry of interior Philipp Ruch load from the Congress of the Federal centre for political education. The head of the artist collective, the centre for political beauty would have been there to hold a speech. Ruch locates in the step censorship.