The authorities in the Congo to report a “great progress” in the fight against the dangerous Ebola epidemic: In the, at times, the worst affected town of Beni, there have been for the past three weeks, no new disease.

the epidemic of The hemorrhagic fever is now under control, for 21 days, the maximum incubation period. Because people regularly travel in adjacent areas, where Ebola is still active, but the danger of a Resurgence of the epidemic, such as the Congolese Ministry of health on Tuesday afternoon said.

so Far, have been infected in the province of North Kivu in the Eastern Congo 844 people confirmed with Ebola, 528 of the disease have succumbed to. Well, 80,000 people in the Region have now received a promising experimental vaccine against Ebola. Experts warn that in view of the tense security situation in the area even months it could take to bring the epidemic completely under control. An Ebola epidemic is finished only when it has been 42 days – twice the incubation period – no new diseases.

The epidemic is now the second worst known Ebola outbreak in history. In the case of the most serious epidemic in West Africa 2014/2015, more than 11 000 people were killed.