He is supposed to be for the death of three cancer patients: A health practitioner from the lower Rhine Moers is today in Krefeld before the court. The 61-Year-old is accused of negligent homicide in three cases, and breach of the medicines act.

During the trial, it is expected that the defendant expressed to the allegations. Yet he is said to have denied the allegations.

According to the indictment, he has administered his seriously ill patients in an alternative cancer therapy at the end of July in 2016 due to an error at the Weigh in, a significantly overdosed solution for infusion. Therefore, he had used an unsuitable scale and the active ingredient was Three to six times to high doses.

Two women and a man died within a few days after the treatment. In a fourth patient the therapy was discontinued after the first Infusion.

The healer had treated cancer patients with the active ingredient 3-Bromopyruvat (3-BP). This had not been approved in 2016 as a medicinal product, an application, but was not prohibited by the law. The fabric is used to make cancer cells die.

you can However, trigger even a small Overdose of the substance deadly side effects, the public Prosecutor’s office. Overall, the investigators had examined around 70 deaths. The practice in Bruggen on the Dutch-German border area was visited mainly by Dutch patients.

The defender of the naturopath did not want to comment on the allegations of the public Prosecutor’s office. The court has set for the process by the end of June, ten days of trial.

The Foundation for patient protection called for a Reform of the medical practitioner training. As before, there is a lack of nationwide uniform Standards for the profession. So patients could hardly distinguish between a reputable supplier and a charlatan. “It may not be that it is in Germany, is still easier to be a naturopath as a nurse,” says Foundation Executive Board Eugen Brysch.

Heilpraktiker in Germany is a protected professional title. It applies to people who may not engage in with state permission. You are subject to the German Heilpraktikergesetz of 1939, the last seen of 2016, as amended.

By the physician distinguishes the medical practitioner, that a specific training is not required, and that he has fewer powers. A medical practitioner may prescribe, for example, no drugs or obstetrics.

According to the Federation of German naturopaths of approximately 47, 000 people as a naturopath, treating daily 128 000 people in Germany work. Naturopaths must be at least 25 years old. You will be reviewed by the health Department. Their methods are varied and controversial, their effect is not scientifically proven. In General, you will not be paid by health insurance.