In glam Beck in the Kreis Oberhavel stork Ronny has, as in the previous three years, back to his old Nest is in a Church, as first of all, the “Märkische Allgemeine” (“MAZ”) reported.

The bird was seen in the past few years as a so-called problem of stork, as he landed on vehicles, their paint scratched, in front gardens was working around and sometimes even through the terrace window in residential homes entry. Several media awarded him the title of “terrorist stork”.


I think it is hacking – Terror-stork Ronny is back in the glam Beck


First of all, Ronny was moving alone through glam Beck, take care of the Nest and organized feed. He lost all of his courage to go to the houses, nothing. He knocked on the basement window, the “MAZ”. Conservationists suspected this already in the past few last years, this behavior exaggerated courtship. Residents did not know how to help himself differently, as a bed sheet to hang in front of your window.

Meanwhile, Ronny is not Single: a female joined him. “That’s why he’s become a bit quieter. Whether this is his partner from last year, we were not able to determine yet,” said chief Hilde Peltzer-bubble (CDU) in an interview with the “MAZ”. Both animals dam upperten now. “Keeps him a little busy,” says Peltzer-bubble. That seems to tame his aggression for the time being.

problem stork Ronny remains to autumn

In glam Beck there were also new inhabitants need to first learn with stork Ronny and his antics. Long-established glam Becker had used long ago to Ronny. Because no longer is it quite so bad, if there is on cars one or two scratches in addition, the chief.

In the autumn, will be able to breathe a sigh of relief glam Beck then. As a Bird of passage also, Ronny will make then again the departure.

sources: own research / “MAZ”