More than half a year before the state elections in Eastern Germany, the discussion on choice of combat operations of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is gaining momentum.

in Thuringia, the CDU-party and parliamentary leader Mike Mohring said in spite of the migration debate, Merkel is clearly in favour of their integration into the state election campaign. “It would be foolish from my point of view, if we were to hide a CDU Chancellor. There was also no convincing reason,” he told the German press Agency in Berlin.

However, in Mohrings party in Thuringia, and the CDU in Saxony and Brandenburg, where at the beginning of September also a new country, the days chosen, there are also sceptical to negative voices to a campaign to use Merkel’s.

Saxony state Parliament President Matthias Rößler (CDU) told the magazine “The mirror”: “A re-election of the Chancellor will not help us in Saxony.” Mohrings Deputy in the group’s presidency in Thuringia, Michael Heym (CDU), is quoted with the words: “On the question of whether they should occur in the election campaign, we will certainly continue discussions in the Thuringian CDU.” Heym added: “An added value for us, it probably would have.”

The Brandenburg CDU-Chef Ingo Senftleben hope on a summer election campaign of a good mood, in which the Federal policy is far away, the magazine writes. From the CDU land Executive of it hot, maybe you could make it with the Chancellor a couple of “low-threshold formats” such as a company visit or a summer party on a Spargelhof.

Mohring said, for specific dates in the hot phase of the election campaign in late autumn, it is still too early. Marketplace events will not give it because of the late date anyway. “This will all take place in enclosed spaces.” He bet less on the party audience as the General Public. For the Chancellor, you’ll think of a good Format. Mohring said: “In Thüringen there are certainly citizens who choose not to because Merkel’s CDU party – but as citizens of the us only because of your choose. And we want to achieve, of course.”

In Thuringia on 27. October chosen, in Saxony and Brandenburg on 1. September. In all Eastern countries, the Chancellor has, due to its migration policy in a difficult position. In the CDU, it is feared that especially the right-wing populists of the AfD and the left party can benefit. On 3. June is expected to be the Chancellor, according to Mohring to the conference of the Union group, Chairman of the Federation and the länder in Erfurt.