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Maduro and Guaidó vying for the support of the military (7.49) four and a half years in prison for prominent civil rights lawyer in China (7.35 PM)FDP calls for the right to encryption of data (7.01 p.m.)SAG awards: Glenn Close and Rami Malke Oscar-favorites (6.53 p.m.), Nine injured in house collapse after gas explosion in The Hague (6.32 PM)

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+++ 7.49 PM: Maduro and Guaidó vying for the support of the military +++

in view of the escalating crisis of the state in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro and the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó advertise the support of the armed forces. “Always loyal, never a traitor”, shouted the soldiers during a visit to Maduro on Sunday at the 41. Brigade in the fortress Paramacay. In the case of an Exercise of the head of state, ran in the run to the side of the Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino by the barracks. He went on a military boat and was on a naval base, Arm-in-Arm with soldiers.

Guaidó tried to draw simple soldiers on his side. On Twitter, he published the adopted by Parliament law on Amnesty, which guarantees the military impunity if they take part in the restoration of the democratic order. “Distributed to the military in your family, among your friends and neighbors,” he wrote. Oppositional deputies and student leaders handed the document to officials of the national guard.

For the next week, he announced new protests.

+++ 7.35 PM: four and a half years in prison for prominent civil rights lawyer in China +++

The prominent Chinese civil rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. The second intermediate people’s court in Tianjin found him, according to information from the Monday of the undermining of the authority of the state guilty. The critical lawyer who had campaigned for political freedoms and civil rights, is already sitting for three and a half years in prison. The hearing took place only at the end of December.

Wang Quanzhang worked for the now-closed law firm Fengrui, who had represented, among other things, the famous artist Ai Weiwei. Firm founder Zhou Shifeng was also convicted of “undermining the state power” to seven years in prison. Both lawyers had been taken in the summer of 2015 in the Wake of a wave of persecution against some 300 lawyers, law firm staff, activists, and relatives.

for Three years, there was not even a sign of life of Wang Quanzhang, to him in July, a lawyer in custody in the was an hour’s drive from Beijing, away to Tianjin for a visit. The judgment met with international disapproval. “It is outrageous that Wang Quanzhang is punished because he has campaigned peacefully for human rights in China,” said Doriane Lau of Amnesty International.

+++ 7.14 PM: Stoltenberg: trump’s pressure in defense spending taking effect +++

The pressure of US President Donald Trump on the Nato partners to increase their defense spending, pointing to the assessment by Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg effect. By the end of next year, the allies would be willing to spend 100 billion dollars (about 88 billion euros) in addition, for the defense, said Stoltenberg on Sunday (local time) in an Interview with US news channel Fox News. “We see that the clear message of President Trump is showing effect,” said Mr Stoltenberg.

Trump had criticized allies like Germany violently, because their military budgets are far below the Nato target of two percent of gross domestic product. “I am happy that he has helped us to move forward on the issue of burden-sharing within the Alliance now,” said Stoltenberg. It was important for Europe, but also good for the United States. “It is a great advantage for the United States to have 28 allies. Russia has not. China has not. But the United States has allies and friends,” he said.

+++ 7.01 PM: FDP calls for the right to encryption of data +++

The FDP calls for the right to encryption of data and information. “Private and public data is a real danger of the Kraken in the age of digitalisation”, said the MP Jimmy Schulz, Chairman of the digital Committee in the Bundestag, the German press Agency on the occasion of the European data protection day on this Monday. “Every Individual must have the right of disposal over his personal data.” The recent data theft have led to the dangers once again. He called for a “Pact for the protection of privacy”.

in addition to a legal encryption of information required Schulz, to increase funding for the Foundation’s privacy policy, in order to improve the education about the topic. The Foundation was founded in 2013 with funding from the Federal government. Moreover, no further state surveillance opportunities will be created”, not even under the guise of cyber security,” said Schulz.

+++ 6.53 PM: prices of U.S. actors Union to “Black Panther”, Glenn Close and Rami Malek +++

Before the Oscars, the super-hero film “Black Panther has run in” a major success In the film awards of the US actors Union Screen Actors Guild (SGA) won the Marvel Blockbuster on Sunday evening, the main prize for the best acting ensemble. “Black Panther” was so against the music of romance, “A Star Is Born” with Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper, the Queen-Film – “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “BlacKkKlansman” by Spike Lee, and the romantic Comedy “Crazy Rich Asians”. Best lead actress Glenn Close was honored for her role in “the wife of The Nobel laureate”. Already in January at the Golden Globes dear 71-Year-old underlined their favourite status for the Oscars. For his portrayal of Queen singer Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody” was Rami awarded Malek as best actor. Also, Malek had already won at the Golden Globes. Emily Blunt (“A Quiet Place”) and Mahershala Ali (“the Green Book – A special friendship”) won the prize as best supporting actor. The SAG Awards are considered to be important before the Oscar ceremony on 24. February, in Hollywood, because the US actors Union provides a number of members of the Oscar Academy.

+++ 6.32 PM: Nine injured in house collapse after gas explosion in The Hague +++

In the case of a suspected gas explosion in a residential building in the Dutch city of The Hague at least nine people have been injured. By the Detonation of the house collapsed in the suburb of Laakkwartier in part, as the rescue workers said on Sunday. Four people were rescued from the rubble. Missing werede no one. Neighbors reported that they had heard at 16.30 a loud Bang. By the Explosion of the facade of the building was partially destroyed. Dozens of ambulances rushed to the scene of the incident, firefighters searched for Victims. “Nine people were injured, including three people who were pulled from the rubble,” said the local fire brigade, first in the short message service Twitter. A fourth Person had been found and rescued as soon as possible. Because the building was unstable, had to be salvaged in the Shed “with great caution”. Shortly after midnight the fire Department then explained that the fourth Buried had been saved. “He was taken to an ambulance.” There is no evidence for further Spilled.

+++ 6.13 PM: Israel and Australia recognize Guaidó as Venezuelan interim President +++

Israel and Australia, two other States have recognized the Venezuelan opposition leaders and Parliament’s President Juan Guaidó as a transitional President. Australia’s foreign Minister Marise Payne said on Monday that their country Guaidó to recognize as interim President and to support him. They also called for a “Transition to democracy in Venezuela as soon as possible.” Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared in an Online Video, he recognized “the new leadership in Venezuela”. Both of these countries close to the USA, Canada and a number of South American countries that have officially behind Guaidó. The opposition of Parliament President had declared last week in a power struggle with the left-nationalist head of state, Nicolás Maduro, the interim President. The output of the power struggle in the South American crisis of the state is open. Russia and China blocked on Saturday the UN security Council, one of the USA’s proposed statement of support Guaidós. Several EU States, including Germany, Maduro, a period of eight days to call new elections. Otherwise, it would recognize you Guaidó.

+++ 6.03 PM: the death toll after a dam break in Brazil to 58 +++

rose After the dam break disaster in Brazil, the death toll has risen to at least 58. The number of Missing increased to 305, as a spokesman for the Brazilian civil protection on Sunday said evening in the town of Brumadinho. In addition, a Bus with corpses was discovered. After a dam break on a back pool for mining waste holding had shot on Friday, millions of tons of mud over the surrounding area of a mine in the state of Minas Gerais, ergo. The mud buried houses, cars and roads. The chances of finding Survivors are low.