The novelist Nathalie Léger was awarded the prix Wepler-Fondation La Poste for his novel The white Dress . The special mention was awarded to writer and filmmaker Bertrand Schefer for black Series . Exceptional environment for this beautiful literary award created there are twenty-one years, two books published by the same house, P. O. L, have been crowned. P. O. L was founded by Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens, who died in the past year. Today, this house is headed by Frédéric Boyer.

These two books correspond perfectly to the spirit of the Prix Wepler whose mission is to promote innovative works. Created in 1998 at the initiative of the bookseller Marie-Rose Guarniéri, manager of the bookstore in paris Abbesses and supported by the brasserie Wepler and the Foundation of The Post, the price has never détorurné of his vocation since its launch there are twenty-one years of age.

Another coincidence: the two novels, award-winning recount two events. The White Dress , third title of Nathalie Leger, returned to the calvary of the Italian artist Pippa Bacca (pseudonym of Giuseppina Pasqualino) who, in march 2008, sought to cross the country in war in a wedding dress. Its mission: to put a little bit of peace in the world.

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Part of Milan, the artist wished to go to Jerusalem via the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. His journey was abruptly stopped less than a month after his departure. March 31, 2008, she was raped and murdered in Turkey. She was 33 years old.

“This is not the grace or the stupidity of his intention that interested me, it was that she wanted, by her gesture, the repair of something that is disproportionate and that it had not” arrived”, explains to the AFP Nathalie Leger, who also directs the Imec (Institut Mémoires de l edition contemporary).

A white dress is it sufficient to redeem the suffering of the world? Probably no more that words can not give justice to a mother in tears, replied Nathalie Léger. “Because in this text of the scripture snipped and cradled melancholy, the narrator interweaves the story of Pippa Bacca to that of his mother, humiliated by a divorce at her expense,” stresses Alain Jean-Robert, a journalist for the AFP, which this year was part of the jury.

“black Series”, the fourth novel by Bertrand Schefer is also inspired by real facts. JOEL SAGET/AFP kidnapping Case

black Series , the fourth novel by Bertrand Schefer is also inspired by real facts. This story portrays three characters together in the heart of a kidnapping case: a young worker deceiver who walks the streets of Paris by night, a beautiful Danish who discovers the capital in the company of Anna Karina and a con artist antisocial. A narrative of the French society of the 1960s, the media and the border increasingly blurred between fiction and reality.

The amazing part of this story is that it inspired itself… is a fiction! A story published in the famous collection of editions Gallimard, black Series: Abduction, the american novel Lionel White, itself inspired by the kidnapping of the young Lindbergh… It never ends.

Filmmaker, Bertrand Schefer reminds us that Jean-Luc Godard will inspire another novel by Lionel White to write Pierrot le fou. Le Figaro Magazine had acknowledged the feat of the literary: The “author “reinvests brilliantly the territory is various. Worn by an investigation in the long course, the author, in matters of truth, is primarily concerned with the beings. It accompanies them along their path of perdition, of Copenhagen, the palaces in paris and the Côte d’azur, lovers, beautiful and distressing as were Robert Rolland, one of the two kidnappers, handsome style new wave, and his queen of scandinavian beauty. We’ll meet as Sagan, Pauvert, Antonioni, Anna Karina or Truffaut. This “requiem for losers” is a beautiful deep black. A black time.

The price with 10.000 and € 3000 (for reference) will be awarded to the two winners on Monday evening in the famous brasserie Wepler in place Clichy, in Paris.